THR9i TETRA radio

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THR9i TETRA radio

Safe and secure in the field

THR9i is the right radio for 800 MHz networks.It is built tough for field use. Its IP65 protection class means that it resists water and dust.

You can use the THR9i without looking. Thanks to Voice Feedback, it will “talk” to you.

It gives you audible indication for many functions that you select. For example,

  • Changing the talk group
  • Or switching to direct mode.

Voice Feedback is available only on radios from Airbus.

Java™ platform

Use the THR9i for tailored apps

The THR9i includes a Java™ platform. You can run ready-made and tailored applications on it. Airbus TETRA radios are the only ones in the market to support Java.


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Where are you?

Knowing where your fellow officers are can be vital. They could be quite near, but if you are in a forest or city, they might as well be invisible. In some situation, getting this information quickly can be a matter of life or death. Right on your radio's display.


Lifeguard is a feature included in the THR9i at no extra cost. Lifeguard is an advanced Man-down feature that could one day save your life. Watch the video.

How to be smarter about buying TETRA radios

Are you looking at how to buy TETRA radios for your organization or for your network?

Learn how to write a better radio RFP/RFQ and get what you need. Download this free eBook now!

Personalize your THR9i withTaqto®

Taqto is for smart radio management. With Taqto your radio can be a tailor-made unit specially for your needs.
  • Configure PTT and Duty key functions, like dual PTT
  • Choose you main menu list
  • Define your own fast menu
  • Make shortcuts with function keys
  • ...and many other featuresMake the radio fit you

You can set up the function keys to work best for you. But it does not stop there. You can also customize the menus. The THR9i lets you easily create your own menu.

Read this article - Create your own menu. Personalize your display and select only those main menus and submenus that you need

Choose to see fewer main or submenus. And bring up your most often needed menus faster.

It is possible to add custom-fit applications, thanks to the unique Java™ support.

Carry and tailor your radio

You can use the THR9i radio as it is. However, additional accessories may bring you more benefits and enhance user comfort.

Accessories complete the user experience. It is all about the user’s preferences. It's your choice.

Do you use your radio in a car?

You can easily use the THR9i handheld in a vehicle thanks to its handy carkit holder.

The carkit can connect to an external antenna, which gives you more radio range.

When you leave the car, you just pick up the THR9i from the holder and you are good to go.

Did you know that the carkit can even help you? Read this article.

Choose your accessories —


Take a closer look at the accessories and carrying solutions developed for the THR9i.

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