Abu Dhabi Police

Abu Dhabi Police rely on their secure, reliable communications network. It covers the whole emirate of Abu Dhabi and is complemented by professional communications over broadband.

Abu Dhabi city

Keeping users on the loop

Abu Dhabi is the largest of the seven emirates and the capital of the UAE. Its rapid development has transformed it into a large, developed metropolis. As globalization advances, international trade and other activities increase and require constant vigilance.

To help support its security efforts, Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) rely on Airbus TETRA system that provides

  • efficient information gathering,
  • comprehensive situation awareness over the entire emirate,
  • effective response, command and control, together with intelligence capabilities, and
  • a high level of integration of existing and new systems.

Abu Dhabi Police are gradually introducing professional communications over broadband and adopting hybrid TETRA+broadband solutions, Tactilon Agnet, for example.

Intended as a key asset that aids Abu Dhabi’s sustainable growth, the system is designed to protect people, protect vital assets and improve police forces efficiency.

In 2021, Abu Dhabi was named the world's safest city for the fifth consecutive year in Numbeo's Quality of Life index.

Users influencing the design

The Abu Dhabi Police secure communication network has been in use since 2010. The complete solution includes:

  • the core TETRA network
  • More than 100 TB3-series TETRA base stations
  • a large number of dispatcher stations
  • a centralised network management solution
  • a comprehensive set of services.

Planning started with the concept of operations (CONOPS), involving a thorough assessment of user requirements. The solution design also benefited from the inputs from a number of other organizations, ensuring that the system would meet customer expectations and ensure interoperability between these external organisations.

Abu Dhabi Police has been closely involved in the development of their system, especially its interoperability with external organizations. In addition to the Police, there are other users in the system. For example:

Helping decision-making in the field

The command and control system links the command centers within a single information system. Using consistent information, it helps officers arrive at the best decision, anytime and anywhere, according to the need to know principle.

The solutions include a seamless, reliable and secure communication system (based on existing and enhanced components) to link all the elements involved:

  • Command centres
  • Mobile forces
  • Platforms and sensor networks.

Based on a full range of Airbus products, the system can provide a high level of security through end-to-end encryption of critical communications: radio, data, voice and image.

The technologies included in the integrated command and control chain provide a Common Operational Picture (COP), comprising:

  • Events
  • Views
  • Alarms
  • Positions of units
  • Data and reports from various sources.

The Common Operational Picture is the key element in achieving global situation awareness. Those authorised can access it from any point in the system, whether a district (police stations), regional or Emirate (ADP Headquarters) control room, as well as by mobile command centers and patrols.

Based on standard open architecture, this system allows the sharing of operational and intelligence data with other agencies (based on bilateral agreements and technical interfaces). This is a key asset for Abu Dhabi Police to lead multi-actors operations.



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