BXO Local Alarm Solution (LAS)

    BXO LAS helps you manage important alerts within an organization: emergency alerts at hospitals or fire alarms in the manufacturing industry, for example. LAS logs all alarms, and you can get automated reports on who received the alert, who accepted it and when, and which actions were taken in response.





    Public Safety

    Power And Electricity



    Cities And Municipalities


    Situational Awareness

    Manage your alerts instead of just receiving them

    The BXO Local Alarm Solution (LAS) can bring together alerts from several different sources, so it gives users an overview of the situation.

    BXO LAS helps deliver alerts quickly and safely to the right person at the right time. In fact, experiments have shown that introducing BXO LAS for alerts and alarms management can shorten the average response times by more than 40%.

    Unlike other mobile paging and messaging solutions, BXO LAS can operate in private networks without relying on public cloud services.

    The solution offers a vast range of existing integrations and a very flexible API that allows organizations to customize the service and create their own integrations.

    Use cases

    BXO LAS is use in more than 500 different organizations.

    Home care - Alerts generated by home care customers' carephones are dispatched through LAS to the staff's handsets. When a member of staff accepts the alert, the other staff members can see that it has been accepted. The system will expect the responder to check in on the site of alert and if they don't, the alert will automatically be escalated.

    The system also supports managing planned activites as well as night cameras for virtual night visits.

    Manufacturing industry - If production shuts down due to a fault, you will be racing against the clock - each second costs money. You will need your alerts dispatched without unecessary delay to the maintenance staff, and you will want alerts to be escalated if the staff does not respond in time.

    With LAS and Tactilon Dabat, you can operate the entire system on premises an you don't have to rely on external networks.

    Hospitals - Hospitals are usually well prepared for extraordinary events: they have power back-up systems and their logistics are well planned. Their alerting solution must therefore be as robust.

    BXO LAS makes it possible to centrally manage alerts and alarms from most in-hospital systems: patient-generated alerts as well as alerts related to building automation.

    Lone worker protection - When  people work without a team, whether it be in an industry, in care professions, in retail or in shipping,  they need solutions for their personal safety.

    BXO LAS lets you set and schedule regular "are you ok" queries, for example. The handset can also detetct a "man down" situation and generate an alarm, and an alert can be sent to co-workers after a time of no movement detected in the handset.

    Indoor positioning can complement GPS positioning so that the lone worker in distress can be located quickly.

    Needed equipment and services

    • No new equipment needed
    • BXO LAS works with existing devices (cross-technology communications.
    • BXO LAS can be offered as an on-premises private cloud solution or as a secure cloud service (SaaS).
    • Requires Tactilon Dabat or other smartphone with Android version 6.



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