Dottli Tactical IoT Messenger is a small and rugged device and service for insuring that you team can communicate seamlessly even in spotty networks or when the cellular networks are down. The device is easy to carry with you and both rugged and COTS devices can connect to it quickly and securely.

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    Joining forces for better incident management

    Dottli is a Smart Incident Management System (SIMS) that has two solutions in one:

    Problem 1: We have learned to rely on messaging services like WhatsApp or WeChat. These popular services however are only available when access to the Internet is available.

    Problem 2: IoT sensors for both civil, official and military use have become very efficient, versatile, and affordable. Data needs to flow in realtime from mobile staff to other team members and to mission control staff.

    Dottli is a rugged miniature computer with internal long lasting chargeable battery, ethernet connector and WiFi hotspot.

    When powered on, it provides secure WhatsApp style messaging services and secure authentication to devices that have access to the device physically and can therefore scan the QR code from its display. All devices share a common chat channel and new chat channels can be added as required. Additionally, any IoT sensor that are wirelessly connected to the devices can transfer their readings in real time in the chat channels.

    Use cases

    A team is sent on a critical mission, equipped with rugged phones. The team is transported to the site in a civil aeroplane. They communicate inflight and prepare for the mission, using the Dabat rugged phones interconnected by the standalone Dottli IoT Messaging server and hotspot. When arriving at the final destination, the Dottli IoT Messaging hotspot guarantees that communication of the team works regardless of wether LTE/4G/3G/2G/TETRA networks are available. The team returns home and the team leader downloads the complete messaging log from the Dottli standalone server, resets it and returns it to wait for the next mission.



    Dottli is fully functional without any outside network available. It can however optionally be configured to sync with its counterpart in the cloud so that message traffic is not lost even if the physical messaging server device is lost.





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