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    TASKER is an effective and transparent SaaS solution that transforms ways how businesses manage field service work. Service managers, field workers, and customers are connected in real-time. Using the native mobile app for Tactilon Dabar, users can receive most recent task requests to their mobile device, plan routes with navigation, capture and draw on images, and more.


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    Cities And Municipalities


    Situational Awareness

    Location Indoor Or Outdoor


    Manage field service work more efficiently

    Tasker solution foremost saves time and eliminates unnecessary friction between users by optimizing communication flow. The app is used for different purposes.

    Tasker FSM Customer Portal has plenty of features that help saving time and go paperless. Now companies, clients, and employees can add relevant pictures from the location. It helps to spot the issues and solve them faster, it also eliminates miscommunication between your team and customers. To be more specific, this feature saves up to 20% of the reaction time.

    Automation - Tasker FSM system automates operations and provides accessible information flow among team members, departments, and customers. The feature is highly beneficial when administering a big group of people because everyone involved can access the database with necessary details about the participants, locations, requirements and tasks.

    Mobility - Mobility allows broader implementation with additional devices and involved parties. Mobility makes business operations more efficient. For instance, imagine a situation when one of your employees can't make it to the call, and you have to reassign the action to someone else. With increased mobility, FSM software is an excellent way to eliminate this issue.

    Tracking - It displays an employee's location and helps to estimate time better. Imagine, you lose contact with your team member and can't be sure if the set task is completed. This issue gets more severe when your company operates as a money collection and distribution service. Then a lost track can mean a tremendous loss. The tracking feature increases the security and credibility of your employees.

    Real-time task assessment - Immediately after a task is executed, a business’s clients can sign and rate the quality of work. For instance, Tasker optimized the process in a way that at the end of the operation, clients can finish a brief survey and evaluate the performance. Real-time task assessment gives a better perspective on how your company is operating.

    Needed equipment and services

    • There are no specific requirements, except the cases when a client requests to integrate Tasker solution with existing systems such as CRM, ERP, or legacy platforms.
    • We use API to access and aggregate the information, thereby if the system also operates on API, we can do it without any trouble.
    • App is fully also compatible with Tactilon Dabat.

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