Crystal Alarm

    With Crystal Alarm it is possible to trigger an alarm and immediately send it forward. 

    • Sound from the event/accident/assault. This is essential in assessing the situation and make the right choice of action.
    • Positioning both outdoors using GPS and indoors using Beacons makes it easy to find the person in need.
    • Timer alarm can be used when visiting areas without coverage. 





    Public Safety

    Power And Electricity



    Cities And Municipalities


    Situational Awareness

    Location Indoor Or Outdoor


    Set up alarms for your whole team at once

    Mobile phone alarm
    A personal alert strengthens your safety in risky situations, threatening situations and for lone workers. With the Crystal Alarm app in your mobile phone, help is just a tap away. The app is for both Android and iPhone and is the only one on the market that can trigger an alarm by pressing a hardware button on the mobile phone itself. You do not need any equipment other than your smart phone, which you're already used to keep charged and close to hand.

    Proven safety
    With the help of the phone's positioning system, Crystal Alarm announces your position wherever you trigger an alarm. With secure operation, simultaneous communication via both SMS and mobile Internet, as well as timed alarms, you can feel confident in knowing that help is on its way. The system is well proven and every day, thousands of users get a safer workday using Crystal Alarm.

    Flexible alarm paths
    Crystal Alarm meets industry requirements for workgroups with risky jobs, and offers several possible emergency routes. The alarm can go to colleagues in a selected group, to an internal alarm center within the organization or directly to a national emergency center or security company.

    Tiny alarm button
    Pressed situations can occur quickly, it may be good to have a dedicated alarm button, we offer Crystal Button which is a separate small alarm button that communicates with the phone via Bluetooth. Crystal Button makes it very quick and easy to trigger an alarm. 

    Needed equipment and services

    • The solution runs well on Android devices such as the Tactilon Dabat. It also supports iPhone, multiple satellite trackers, traditional TETRA handsets and many traditional GSM-based trackers.
    • The solution can be hosted as a cloud service,  ustomised and/or installed on premises and the requirements  epend largely on customer choices.
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