Tactilon Dabat Apps Catalogue

Choose from these innovative, professional applications for your Tactilon Dabat, the world’s first smartphone and full TETRA radio in one device. The right app will help you work in new and better ways.

You can filter the view by segment or capability. Or are you looking to buy a TETRA-only application instead? Browse our TWISP partner directory.


ASIGN reduces response time by providing improved situational understanding for faster and better decision making in critical situations. ASIGN apps and web services provide highest definition geospatial photo and video communications with lowest capacity. It is suitable for hybrid TETRA, cellular and satellite networks.

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Mesensei Private Social Networks is a decentralised platform for communities to communicate, network, and organise events in their private, mobile social media. With Mesensei platform, organisations can get a branded mobile app to engage directly with their community - their contacts - in their own space,
while retaining control over the data and seamless brand experience.

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Pincident incident management system from DELTA Smart Technologies makes it easy for the general public to report incidents and get notifications about incidents. Public safety and other professionals in turn benefit from better possibilities to assess and manage incidents.

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VStream Mobile

Streaming live video via low bandwidth networks (2G/3G/4G and satellite) can be painfully slow, and also very unreliable and very expensive (in terms of data use).

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The NSION-Core app lets public safety and other professionals share real-time videos from the field. Team members and the control room will get the full picture of the situation and can thus provide better support to each other.

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Soliton Systems

This app can provide secure streaming of live video from a first responder's on-board camera to the command centre.
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