5 facts you must know about saving money with strong PTT services

Published: 30 Sep 2021
Author: Mika Myllymäki
Reading time: 10 min

Strong PTT services are advanced, intelligent push-to-talk services that can be connected to IT systems and sensors. Of course, they allow users to talk, and also share images, video, and location information. Sounds like a great solution – but how can it save money for your organization?

Strong push-to-talk services are a complete communication solution, designed for organizations whose personnel need to communicate in groups.

Knowing these five facts can help you save money with strong push-to-talk:

1. Being able to communicate from anywhere can save you money

2. Using the solution to communicate with your temporary workers can bring you savings

3. Sharing new kinds of information faster can bring savings

4. You can make savings by continuing to use your existing system

5. These services can make it easy to get started – and to start saving money.

Let’s look at these facts in more detail and see how to really make savings from strong push-to-talk services.

Communicating from anywhere can save you money

There are two ways that strong PTT services can give you more choice about where you communicate from.

1. Walkie-talkies will only work on your site, but the strong PTT app will work wherever there’s commercial mobile network coverage. This means that team members do not have to be on site to communicate. For example, supervisors could manage field personnel from a location away from your main site.

In fact, walkie-talkie-users on site and people outside the site can communicate in the same talk groups. It can be completely seamless.


2. The talk groups themselves can match the location they are used in. For example, any team member within a certain area could be automatically included in the same conversation.

And here’s where the savings come from.

If you wanted to increase the coverage of your current radio communication system, you would need to invest in new network equipment.

Adopting strong PTT services requires no new investment. Also, your team can still keep in touch over a much wider area.

Use strong PTT services to connect your temporary workers

You can use strong PTT services for easier, yet controlled communications with your temporary workers. This ensures your subcontractors and your temporary workers always get essential communications.

What does this mean in practice?

This means you don’t have to give your own walkie-talkies to subcontractors and other temporary workers. Instead, they can download the PTT app into their own device.

A major maintenance program could see many hundreds of subcontractors working for you temporarily. With PTT services, you can quickly set up effective communications with all of them.


The PTT app will allow the temporary team members to communicate with the permanent team.

Supervisors could send basic instructions to a special communication group. Temporary workers could then check the group whenever they needed.

This would also give benefits to the subcontractors. If they work for more than one company, they could communicate with both using the same device – instead of carrying their own smart device and two different radios, for example.

During a pandemic or even in the flu season, using one’s own device is more hygienic, too.
So many benefits, but there are more. You can save money!

Another benefit is that you will not need to give your temporary workers extra devices.
This makes it easier to onboard the subcontractors. They only need to download the application. And when you choose the right PTT services, they can start using the app with minimal training – or with no training at all.

Share relevant and new kinds of information faster

With strong PTT services, people can get the information they need faster – they can also get new kinds of information.

For example, if you connect sensors to the communications system, you can set a data value to generate an alarm automatically. This alarm could be sent straight to the PTT app. This means you don’t need human operators to monitor the data and send alerts when needed.

Instead, you can set up machinery, a system, or a whole factory that monitors itself and asks for human help when it needs it!

In fact, a factory, sensors or some pieces of equipment could become “team members” - so a work team could include a group of people and any relevant smart objects, too!

For example, imagine a gas leak at an industrial site. Sensors would detect the leak, and could automatically send a message to the people who need to take action. They could also send another message to alert anyone who is in the danger zone.

Strong PTT services could also track the position of the people. Those managing the incident response would know who is on site, dealing with the leak. And they would also know who may be in danger and who is safely out of danger.

Here’s how you would save money.

Because messages are passed on automatically, your staff would not have to do this themselves. Instead, they could use their time to complete important tasks.

This means you will not need as many people on the site. When you need people, you can call them to come and work on tasks.

Because information will go straight to the right people, problems can be solved more quickly. You can minimize downtime or even avoid it completely.


Take advantage of your existing system

Strong PTT services let you adopt new communication methods gradually – you can keep your existing communication system operational and introduce the app to work with it.
The new PTT services will help you work in new ways you might not have thought of before.

Of course, this can save you money.

Many of your staff already carry a walkie-talkie and a smartphone to use at work. If even some of your people can stop using the radio and only use the smartphone, you will save money.

Introducing PTT service gradually means users need less training. People already know how to use the current narrowband communications. If you set up the strong PTT services to work in the same way, people will need very little training, or even none at all.

It can be easy to get started

Adopting strong PTT services can be easy and gradual.

However, you will need more than a simple push-to-talk app. You will need advanced push-to-talk services.

The good news is, Tactilon Agnet offers these advanced push-to-talk services, and adopting it is easier than ever. There are many reasons:

  • Tactilon Agnet is offered as a subscription-based service. This means you can get started easily. You only need one subscription per user, and the service will be activated for all users in one go.
  • You manage all the users from a web browser based on their mobile phone number. You set up the talk groups - your people can then use Tactilon Agnet for group communication on their standard smartphone.
  • Users do not have to belong to the same organization. They can even be in different countries.
  • There is no need to install heavy software for dispatching - the dispatcher solution for Agnet runs on a standard web browser. Dispatchers can use multimedia and their regular headsets, all on a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Because Tactilon Agnet is available as Software as a Service (SaaS), you will not have to worry about software maintenance and updates. All this happens automatically.
  • The push-to-talk app on the smartphones is available to download from Google Play or Apple Store. This means users get software updates automatically. This is convenient and makes communications more secure because the latest security updates are brought into use quickly.

Two ways to save money

You will save money because it will be easy for your people to get started. They already use smartphone apps, so there is no need for a lot of complicated training to use the app. And when people can use the PTT app like they used radios, they will be glad to switch over to it.

Choosing Software as a Service, your initial investment will be minimal. For Tactilon Agnet, for example, the monthly charge is based on the number of users. You will save money because you won’t have to pay for licenses that you aren’t using.

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