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Quick! If you read one thing this year, read one of these! »

Happy Holidays! Here is a summary of the most popular, most attractive contents on the Airbus / Secure Land Communications website. As a bonus, you will learn about the most popular webinar this year.

16 Dec 2021 by Tiina Saaristo  |  6 min read
Critical communications, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service, Hybrid devices

Answered: 23 of your most burning questions about push-to-talk and mission critical PTT »

Mission critical push-to-talk or MCPTT, is a familiar concept in radio communications. It means that you push a button and can instantly talk to your whole team or group. Mission critical broadband enables MCPTT in smart devices, too. Here are answers to the top questions people ask about mission critical PTT.

7 Dec 2021 by Mika Myllymäki  |  28 min read
Critical communications, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service

7 examples of sustainable structures – number 5 will surprise you »

One of the main aims in sustainability is to use resources wisely. In this short video, there are seven examples of sustainable, eco-friendly structures. And I think number 5 will surprise you.

25 Nov 2021 by Piia Nikula  |  6 min read
Events, Push-to-talk service

5 facts you must know about saving money with strong PTT services »

Strong PTT services are advanced, intelligent push-to-talk services that can be connected to IT systems and sensors. Of course, they allow users to talk, and also share images, video, and location information. Sounds like a great solution – but how can it save money for your organization?

30 Sep 2021 by Mika Myllymäki  |  9 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, TETRA and 5G, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service

Three ways the Experts on Mission Critical webinars blew my mind »

Airbus arranged five webinars about mission critical push-to-talk in the autumn of 2020 and another five webinars in 2021. For me, as the host for the webinars, three things really blew my mind!

9 Sep 2021 by Igor Vinogradoff  |  7 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, Events, TETRA and 5G, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service

9 super useful tips to improve your business with smart PTT services »

Is your organization making the move to Industry 4.0? Would you like to improve processes without big, upfront investments? And of course, with minimum downtime? If so, this may come as a surprise – advanced push-to-talk services can be integrated into your IT systems. And they can help improve your business. These 9 super useful tips tell you how.

30 Aug 2021 by Lotta Lantz  |  13 min read
Critical communications, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service

How to improve sports event security with mission critical communications »

Think about event security at a football match, for example. How would things be if the people responsible for security could use seamless, mission critical communications? What if different communication technologies could actually work together? What if the people event staff could enjoy a smooth mission critical user experience? …That time may be closer than you think.

3 Aug 2021 by Piia Nikula  |  7 min read
Critical communications, Push-to-talk service

5 great reasons your medical teams should adopt group communications »

If caring for desperately sick or injured people is not mission critical, then I don’t know what is. Nothing is more important than saving lives. When every second counts, healthcare professionals need quick, reliable communications. And there are 5 great reasons that medical teams should adopt group communications.

20 Jul 2021 by Jouni Kemppainen  |  11 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, Comms for medical teams, Push-to-talk service

7 things you need to know about PTT services »

A push-to-talk (PTT) solution lets you talk to a group of people at the press of a button. With PTT on your smartphone, you don't have to waste time making multiple calls to coordinate with your team. But that’s just the start. Choose a strong PTT service and you can expect even more. How much more? Read these 7 tips about PTT services to find out. Some of them may surprise you!

28 May 2021 by Piia Nikula  |  9 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service