7 ways MNOs can leverage critical push-to-talk to increase revenue

Published: 5 Jan 2022
Author: Thierry Besnier
Reading time: 7 min

Today’s Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) face many challenges. Competition for business is increasing, while existing customers feel free to move to other providers. Revenues are also decreasing, particularly for voice services, which is often viewed as a commodity offer. How can MNOs tap into new revenue? This blog reveals seven interesting ways.

Here’s the situation today.

Many professional organizations, in both the public sector and enterprises, use private radio networks to keep in touch with their teams. For many years, these networks have been the only way to make communications secure and always available.

The time is right. The pandemic has forced many people to review their mobile contracts and move to providers that can offer more for their money. MNOs are also making huge investments in 5G. To justify these investments, they have to generate revenue.

One possibility is to look to the professional sector. By offering public sector and enterprises new critical communications services, MNOs can tap into new revenue.

According to a 2020 report by SNS Telecom & IT, global investments in LTE and 5G network infrastructure for critical communications will surpass $3 billion by the end of 2020. They will grow at a CAGR of approximately 13% between 2020 and 2023.

How exactly can MNOs get a share of the critical communications market?

The answer: by offering a push-to-talk service such as Tactilon Agnet 500. It is a critical push-to-talk app – and push-to-talk is exactly what professional organizations require. It delivers instant critical communications over broadband; end-to-end security; real-time location tracking; emergency alerting, and many other features.

Here are seven ways that critical push-to-talk solutions such as Tactilon Agnet can help MNOs generate revenue from 5G:

  1. Expand the market
  2. Diversify the offer
  3. Create product bundles
  4. Offer special discounts
  5. Increase marketing activity
  6. Sell more to existing customers
  7. Add subscription sales

1. Expand the market

Public sector organizations such as police and fire brigades already use critical communications. But many others also need them. This includes businesses such as transportation, energy utilities and airports.

Industrial companies are also moving their radio communications from narrowband to broadband services.
Incorporating broadband into mission critical services can open opportunities for MNOs in these and many other sectors.


2. Diversify the offer

Offering a push-to-talk service such as Tactilon Agnet 500 can help gain new clients. It can also expand business with existing ones.

If you are already offering services in IoT or Industry 4.0 projects, offering a push-to-talk service can help you be more competitive.

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3. Create product bundles

A push-to-talk service could be very attractive to potential enterprise customers. It can be made even more attractive as part of a package of offers. For example, the service could be bundled with a rugged device. The bundle could also include accessories. The offer could be provided cheaper than the price of all the items bought separately.

A bundled offer could generate good revenue with a better profit margin, even at a low volume of sales.


4. Offer special discounts

Discounts are always popular with prospective customers. As well as discounts based on bundling, you could offer a push-to-talk service with a discount for volume – with more subscriptions purchased, each one becomes cheaper.

Another option is a time-limited discount – this would only apply when a service is bought within a specific timeframe. Alternatively, attracts prospects with an introductory discount.

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Not sure how to get started? Here is your next easy step when you as a MNO want to enable the broadband services that critical enterprises and the public sector need.

5. Increase marketing activity

A new push-to-talk service has novelty value that can help sell it. A new service can be marketed in innovative ways, creating lots of customer interest.

New offers help you stand out. Instead of just selling 5G, critical communications bundles highlight the new benefits that 5G can bring. Marketing could also be tailored to meet the needs of particular segments. These could include organizations with near-obsolete private, narrowband solutions.


6. Sell more to existing customers

You may already have enterprises and public safety and security organizations as customers. Launching a 5G critical communications service is a way to sell something else to these existing customers.

One option is to make the service available through an app store. You can offer a critical communications service integrated with other professional apps. This can boost subscriptions from your business customers.

7. Add subscription sales

Adding more subscriptions builds long-term revenue. Selling subscriptions to a push-to-talk service is even better because it adds several subscribers at a time.

Selling a private 5G network to an enterprise customer is a one-off deal. However, if you can sell a push-to-talk service for critical communications, you get a steady flow of revenue on top.

Critical communications over broadband is a service with huge potential and one that MNOs can offer as a trusted partner. And it is easy to start offering 5G mission-critical services. All you need is a 3GPP MCPTT standards-based push-to-x solution, such as Tactilon Agnet 500 from Airbus.

This blog post looked at seven interesting ways to ensure 5G critical communications is a money earner for MNOs.

To learn more about offering 5G critical communications, download the document “How to generate revenue from 5G with critical push-to-talk”.


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