INPT - nationwide shared public safety network in France

INPT is the nationwide radio communications network for the French police, fire brigades, emergency healthcare services, customs, defense forces on the national territory, mobile gendarmerie, prefectorial authorities and penitentiary administration for prisoner transfers.The network provides full interoperability between forces. 

INPT is shared between public safety organisations

Continuously evolving

The INPT network has been in operation since 1994, and is continuously evolving:

  • New sites have been added in the Paris metropolitan area to improve the radio coverage above 95%,
  • Additional coverage has been built for the naval departments,
  • Network has been migrated to IP connectivity and is thus future-proof.

The INPT network comprises 300 switches and 1,500 Tetrapol base stations in the 380-400 MHz frequency range.

French police running at a railway station

The INPT network was also used to help ensure the safety and security at EURO 2016 Football European Championships in summer 2016.

The network also helped secure the 70-year anniversary celebrations of D-Day. Read more from article "Tetrapol secures the beaches 70 years after D-Day landings", published originally in Key Touch magazine.



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