Customer Stories

These stories showcase our customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, enterprises, and various industries. They all need to communicate within teams and between them, and they need these solutions to be available, reliable, and secure.

VIRVE - nationwide public safety network in Finland »

The VIRVE network is in shared used by a wide variety of organizations:

Region: Europe | Use case: Broadband, Fire services, Metros, railways and roads, Police forces, Customs and border security, Cities, municipalities and states, Nationwide communications

Tranvía de Murcia »

Murcia is the seventh largest city in Spain. The city launched its first tram services on the 17.5-km long Tram Line 1 in June 2011. The ‘V’ shaped line runs from Estadio Nueva Condomina in the north-east to University of Murcia campus in the north-west. 

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

Barents Rescue cross-border exercise »

Barents Rescue is an international rescue exercise between the countries in the Barents region. One clever solution lets authorities from different countries communicate and coordinate with each other easily. It was tested during the exercise and it also works in a real emergency.

Region: Europe | Use case: Fire services, Medical services and healthcare, Defence and crisis management, Police forces

Munich Security Conference (MSC) »

Each February, the Munich Security Conference brings together more than 450 high profile decision-makers from around the world. Professional communications are key to the security of the event.

Region: Europe | Use case: Sporting and other events, Broadband

PRIORITY research project »

PRIORITY is a major project that will research, develop and trial critical communication solutions for authorities and remote businesses. A key target will be to complement existing mission critical voice and messaging services with broadband data capability, using commercial 4G and 5G wireless networks. 

Region: Europe | Use case: Broadband, Research projects

Shock-proof networks »

Resilient communication networks keep public safety agencies in touch despite power disruptions and extreme rain.

Region: Europe | Use case: Cities, municipalities and states, Nationwide communications

Formula 1 races »

With Formula 1 race car drivers hitting speeds of 360 kilometers an hour -achieving acceleration of more than 5G, or five times the force of the earth's gravity - perhaps it's no surprise that crashes were once part of the scene at Grand Prix races. 

Region: Europe Middle-East Latin America and Mexico | Use case: Sporting and other events