VIRVE - nationwide public safety network in Finland

The VIRVE network is in shared used by a wide variety of organizations:

  • Finnish police
  • Fire brigades
  • Defence forces
  • Frontier guards
  • Customs
  • Social and health services
  • Ambulances and many hospitals
  • Civil defence
  • Civil aviation
  • A variety of enterprises responsible for critical infrastructure.

Virve supports public safety and helps save lives

The Virve network covers the whole of Finland. It is based on TETRA technology and it has been in operational use since 1998.

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The Virve network is helping different organisations in their daily duties. 

Facts and figures

  • The Virve network comprises 1,400 base stations
  • There are over 50,000 users in the network
  • Virve handles 2,000,000 group calls every week
  • And around 75,000,000 short data messages per week.

Virve 2

The new generation Virve 2 will provide broadband services and today's Virve network will work seamlessly with  Virve 2 in the evolution phase. 

Tactilon Agnet 800 is the solution for mission critical voice and messaging services during the migration from current TETRA technology to broadband services.

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Seamless cooperation

When there is an incident, it is essential that all organizations that handle it can communicate. Virve delivers this.


In addition to police, firefighters and civil defence, also hospitals and medical professionals have also adopted group communications over Virve.

For example, the Iisalmi hospital in Finland has used Virve radios since 2016. Their medical teams use group communication over radio and no longer use mobile phone calls in their daily work. Watch this video to learn what surpised Dr Anssi Uutela about Virve radios:






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