Customer Stories

These stories showcase our customers in public safety, transportation, healthcare, enterprises, and various industries. They all need to communicate within teams and between them, and they need these solutions to be available, reliable, and secure.

Zhengzhou Metro »

Zhengzhou Metro is the metro system for the city of Zhengzhou, the capital of the Henan province in China. It has an important role in ensuring smooth passage for their 290 million passengers per year. Thanks to professional communications, they are up for the task.

Region: China | Use case: Broadband, Metros, railways and roads

Oslo Metro »

In buzzing capital such as Oslo, smooth public transportation makes all the rush hour difference. The commuting business has greatly benefited from the mission-critical communications that keeps the Oslo Metro employees up-to-date and connected.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads, Cities, municipalities and states

VIRVE - nationwide public safety network in Finland »

The VIRVE network is in shared used by a wide variety of organizations:

Region: Europe | Use case: Broadband, Fire services, Metros, railways and roads, Police forces, Customs and border security, Cities, municipalities and states, Nationwide communications

Shenyang Metro »

Shenyang Metro is the metro system for the city of Shenyang, the Liaoning province in China.

Region: China | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

Tranvía de Murcia »

Murcia is the seventh largest city in Spain. The city launched its first tram services on the 17.5-km long Tram Line 1 in June 2011. The ‘V’ shaped line runs from Estadio Nueva Condomina in the north-east to University of Murcia campus in the north-west.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

Disaster avoided in 60 seconds »

Accidents will happen, no matter how prepared professionals are, but good communication can prevent an accident from turning into a disaster.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (BVG) »

Die Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe (German for Berlin Transport Company) is Berlin's main public transport company. BVG manages the city's underground railway (U-Bahn), tram, bus and ferry networks. The company uses TETRA communications is its underground and Tetrapol in its overground operations.

Region: Europe | Use case: Metros, railways and roads