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IRIS, the national network for the Mexican security forces is providing communication services in whole Mexico.

Network in Mexico

The Mexican government has made a significant investment in the last 17 years for the development of the national radiocommunication network IRIS, which has been key to the operation of public security and national security entities at all three levels of government. With an investment of 10 billion pesos, up to date, the IRIS network covers:

  • 85% of the population
  • 75% of roads
  • 50% of national territory
This is done with around 100 thousand radio terminals that provide service to nearly 200 thousand users, including the Federal Police, the OADPRS, the 32 states and about 200 municipalities.

IRIS network also helped to secure Pope's visit to Mexico in 2016. Read the press release: 

IRIS in numbers:

  • 73 TETRAPOL switches
  • 460 base stations
  • 100,000 radios
  • 10 existing organizations, and capacity to increase to 20 organizations

End-to-end encryption is implemented nationwide.

Good coverage

The good coverage of the IRIS national network is very important in Mexico, where in comparison to main cellular networks it surpasses the coverage. More detailed and current (2017) coverage percentages are:

- Capital Cities                    100%

- Airports                              90%

- Population                          85%

- Ports                                   80%

- Roads                                 75%

- Territory                              50%



Nationwide Public Safety Networks


Latin America And Mexico



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