Tranvía de Murcia

Murcia is the seventh largest city in Spain. The city launched its first tram services on the 17.5-km long Tram Line 1 in June 2011. The ‘V’ shaped line runs from Estadio Nueva Condomina in the north-east to University of Murcia campus in the north-west. 


Tranvía de Murcia tram

Serving public transportation

The Tram Line 1 connects the center of Murcia with its suburbs.

The tramway operator Tranvía de Murcia uses a Claricor TETRA system for its radio communications. The system - supplied by COMSA and based on Airbus technology - provides secure voice and data services for the tramline employees. In addition, it connects the Central Control Post (PCC) and on-board equipment using SDS (Short Data Service) messages, to share important information and monitor the operation of the lines.

The system is being updated with virtualization technology. This will further improve the availability of the network, which in turn will help Tranvía de Murcia to provide uninterrupted passenger services to its customers.

Facts and figures

The Claricor communications network includes:

  • TB3-series base stations
  • Dispatching and administration workstations
  • A recording solution
  • Gateways for smooth connectivity to other systems and applications.






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