Airbus update about Tactilon Agnet Voice Assistant and Tactilon Agnet Query »

Airbus Defence and Space presents itsTactilon Agnet* solution along with innovations like Tactilon Agnet Voice Assistant (AVA) and Tactilon Agnet Query at CCW 2021. These innovations will provide public safety end-users on the field with a new Tactilon Agnet application supporting the management of their standard tasks commanding Agnet, or by querying information without touching their smartphone.

4 November, 2021

Airbus presents the Tactilon Agnet Customization »

Airbus Defence and Space presents an update of its Tactilon Agnet* solution at the CCW 2021. The customization of the Tactilon Agnet end to end solution is a key service that Airbus brings to its customers to fittheir concrete needs.Tactilon Agnet Dispatch Position and the smartphone application User Interfaces are developed by Airbus to meet the market demand. However, some use cases call for...

3 November, 2021

Airbus consortium finalist in European BroadWay broadband interoperability project »

Elancourt, 07 October 2021 – The Airbus consortium has been selected for step three of the BroadWay PCP Innovation pan-European interoperable mobile broadband project for public protection and disaster relief.

7 October, 2021

Airbus signs agreement at Expo 2020 for cross-border communication between GCC nations »

Dubai, UAE, 5 October 2021 – The Secretariat General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Airbus signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) at the ongoing Expo 2020 Dubai to boost cross-border security coordination and communication between GCC nations, starting with a first “proof of concept” implementation between 2 of the members.

5 October, 2021

Airbus consortium achieves step two of European BroadWay project »

Elancourt, 21st September 2021 – The Airbus consortium successfully completed step two of the pan-European interoperable mobile broadband project for public protection and disaster relief. The consortium therefore swiftly makes its way towards the third and final step of the innovation project.

21 September, 2021

Airbus and JustTop ready for the Winter Olympics in 2022 »

Beijing, 14 September 2021 - Airbus has signed a new contract with Beijing JustTop to expand and improve the Beijing Government Shared Tetra network radio coverage for the venue area of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games which will take place next February in Beijing.

14 September, 2021

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