Airports, hospitals, expo centers, metro stations, retail stores, campuses - see the locations of the staff and assets. Help people find the fastest route to their destination - inside buildings. 

    Locate staff and assets

    Has a security guard checked this area? Where is the nearest wheelchair? Do we have enough staff in this area? These are questions which the Steerpath app can answer. 

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    Public Safety

    Sports Events And Conferences




    Cities And Municipalities


    Location Indoor Or Outdoor

    Works where GPS is not available

    The Steerpath app enables position services to work also where GPS is not available. Tactilon Dabat and mobile phone users can use location based services on their phone and share their location with others

    Dispatchers can see in real time where people are, whether outdoors or indoors. Accurate location information is clear on Steerpath’s map view.

    Use location information as part of decision making – outdoors and indoors.

    Main features

    • Seamless indoor and outdoor positioning
    • Zero configuration deployment of indoor positioning
    • Works both on mobile phones as well as with TETRA equipment
    • Supports Airbus AVL: Location encoded into standard LIP messages à works with existing tracking services

    Unique characteristics

    • Proven to work with high people density, extremely large environments.
    • Designed to work without need for broadband connections

    Easiest indoor positioning deployment on the market.


    Steerpath - Indoor positioning

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