Tactilon Dabat

The first-ever smartphone with a full TETRA radio inside

Video: Tactilon Dabat - Open your mind to a new way of communicating

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Secure radio communication around the world

 Across the globe, professionals rely on their digital PMR radios when it matters.
Secure communication helps them do their work and keep safe.


Company news

The big leap in Tetra evolution: Airbus Defence and Space releases the Tactilon Dabat smart radio

24 May 2016

Both a smartphone and a Tetra radio, the Tactilon Dabat features mission critical functions, a touch screen display and front/back cameras.

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Blue lights gather in Amsterdam

The Critical Communications World event will bring professionals together in Amsterdam between 31 May - 2 June 2016 for a look at new innovations in the mission-critical market. 

Here are 5 excellent reasons you can't miss this event.

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Critical Communications World
31 May- 2 June 2016, Amsterdam

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20 May 2016 - What is the right number of devices to carry?

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Tetrapol MBS base station


"The future for professional mobile apps - What app developers need to know about the professional user market"

This new guide answers the questions:
How are professional mobile apps actually being used today?
What is the potential for developers to bring new and exciting apps to the professional user market?

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112/9-1-1 systems for the future

Advanced emergency response solutions mean people receive help without delay.

Discover how VESTA® solutions from Airbus Defence and Space keep people connected when it matters most.

Hybrid networks are the way to go

The hybrid model lets you continue with a TETRA or Tetrapol network for mission-critical voice. You will introduce mobile broadband step-by-step.

Learn more about the hybrid network approach -

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Learn more about ultimate end-to-end security -

Secure Land Communications on video

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See how aliasing can make work life easier for professionals who use TETRA radios. This is just one example when aliasing would be useful.

Video: Make work life easier with aliasing

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