TDM880i data module

Powerful data communications

Are you looking for a powerful device to transfer data over the secure TETRA network? This device would not have to transmit voice but GPS positioning would be a must.

Maybe you want to build a system that would track a fleet of buses, trucks, or other vehicles?

The TDM880i data module works over TETRA and easily integrates into a tracking system.

Track vehicles

Set up the TDM880i data module into each vehicle. You can track the fleet and see their position on a map.

Track their status

Install an additional status panel in the vehicle, and the driver or crew can use it to send predefined status messages to the dispatcher.

Or program the TDM880i to send its position at certain times, after a certain distance travelled, or as a response to a query message.

More options

The TDM880i has advanced I/O line functionality and interfaces. It also works for

  • smart grid
  • telemetry
  • remote control.

More information

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