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    Streaming live video via low bandwidth networks (2G/3G/4G and satellite) can be painfully slow, and also very unreliable and very expensive (in terms of data use).

    The Vemotion app has been developed to overcome these issues. It not only implements the very latest in video transmission compression techniques (thus reducing the use of bandwidth), but it also uses Vemotion's industry-leading transmission protocol. 




    Public Safety


    Video Sharing And Streaming

    Stream live video

    The VStream Mobile app lets you securely stream live video to and from your handset over a range of low bandwidth networks (2G/3G) as well as over 4G and satellite.

    The app includes a handy push-to-talk function. Use your handset as an integral part of your business communications and save both time and money!

    Use cases

    Video in business is becoming increasingly essential.

    • Thanks to video, people can quickly assess situations before arriving on the scene - for example blue light emergencies in a traffic accident.
    • Use video and you won't have to send a specialist engineer to investigate an on-site problem. Instead, get a local operative to stream back video to the engineer, who can then propose a solution to the problem. You will avoid costly site visits and also reduce your carbon footprint.

    You can contact Vemotion for more detailed case studies. 

    VStream Mobile app is easy to install, easy to use, secure and it has been developed to be both ultra reliable and cheap to run over a range of  wireless networks. It is a truly global live video streaming solution that can be implemented within days. 

    What you need

    Depending on your requirements, Vemotion offers two options:

    • The "out of the box" solution
    • A completely customized system that can be branded  as your own solution.

    The app will run on Android, iOS and Microsoft handsets.  



    Live video streaming on your handset

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