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How to use TETRA and smartphones in a hybrid way »

This is the second in a series of blog posts on how to bring smart and hybrid devices into professional use. We cover many topics to help organizations move from traditional radio communication to a system that adds complementary broadband data. Today’s question is: How to use TETRA and smartphones in a hybrid way, or in other words: How does TETRA fit with smartphones?

9 Jul 2019 by Jukka Saari  |  Critical communications , TETRA radios , TETRA future

7 ways to make the most of a single key press on the radio »

You depend on your TETRA radio every day. It must be easy to use. Yet today’s radios are super-powerful tools with many features and options. A logical menu structure makes it intuitive to navigate to and select any of the radio’s capabilities. However, to activate your most commonly used functions, what could be quicker and easier than a single key press? Here are seven useful (and...

13 Dec 2018 by Jukka Saari  |  TETRA radios

How to solve TETRA radio buyers' top 5 problems »

What is your biggest challenge when buying TETRA radios? That's the question we put to our readers. People like you. Hundreds responded. Their answers are revealing. It seems there are five top issues radio buyers face, from getting best value for money to ensuring total security. This post reveals how to solve these top five challenges.

1 Oct 2018 by Jukka Saari  |  Critical communications , TETRA radios

7 reasons why you don't need a more powerful radio »

A patchy radio connection and black spots are definitely to be avoided when professionals need a radio for their jobs. To avoid such issues, you might think it reasonable to specify a radio with more output power. It’s a logical, gut reaction - but not really helpful! Why? Here are 7 reasons why a higher-power radio is not the best answer when you want more coverage and better communication.

23 Jan 2018 by Jukka Saari  |  TETRA radios , PMR radios

The best way to boost Direct Mode range may surprise you »

It seems obvious, doesn’t it? The more output power a PMR radio has, the further it will reach in Direct Mode? But not so, think again. In fact, more radio power will not give you a much better range in Direct Mode (DMO). Read on to learn why – and to discover the best way to achieve the best Direct Mode range.

9 Oct 2017 by Jukka Saari  |  TETRA radios , PMR radios

How to avoid 5 communication challenges thanks to your radio »

Do you find your radios difficult to use? Ever have the signal drop out, cutting you off from dispatchers? Read on to discover how PMR radios can meet these challenges as well as others that users and the network may face.

3 Feb 2017 by Jukka Saari  |  Critical communications , TETRA radios , PMR radios

What you need to know about radio battery life »

When the battery runs down on the PMR radio, people usually blame ... the batteries. But you have a lot of control over how long your batteries work. Here are seven tricks that can make your Tetrapol or TETRA radio battery last longer:

29 Apr 2016 by Jukka Saari  |  PMR radios

Do you know the secret about Watts in your PMR radio? (Nobody else will tell you) »

Do you believe that a more powerful PMR radio enjoys better coverage? If so, think again.

5 Feb 2016 by Jukka Saari  |  PMR radios

Do you have this wrong idea about IP protection ratings for PMR radios? »

What do you think - which radio has better protection against dust and water, one classified IP65 or another rated IP67? IP67, right? Because the number is bigger? Wrong. A radio with IP67 rating is not necessarily better for you than one rated IP65. In fact, an IP67 classified radio may be unsuitable for your needs!

20 Nov 2015 by Jukka Saari  |  TETRA radios