How to extend broadband coverage for critical communications users?

Published: 19 Feb 2024
Author: Tarja Kantola
Reading time: 6 min
Agnet over satcom in use, South Tyrol 2023

Public safety organisations and users are worried that moving critical communication systems from narrowband such as TETRA and Tetrapol to broadband may not offer enough coverage and capacity. Agnet over Satcom brings a solution to the concerns.

Public safety and other professional users have traditionally utilised robust and secure communication systems like TETRA, Tetrapol, and P25 narrowband solutions. As the industry transitions from narrowband to broadband technologies, a concern may arise regarding the coverage and capacity of commercial 4G/5G networks in all geographical areas and or during unexpected situations like power outages.

This blog explores how Agnet – a secure collaboration solution – offers added resilience, extended coverage, and capacity for uninterrupted field collaboration by supporting the use of deployable networks and satellite communications for connectivity.

Transferring from narrowband to broadband coverage

To address the potential concerns regarding 4G/5G network coverage, Agnet over Satcom emerges as a solution designed to extend coverage and capacity to ensure connectivity on a global scale. How? In a nutshell: By supporting a critical communications solution capable of utilising satellite communications, Agnet over Satcom offers a reliable alternative, addressing potential gaps in coverage. This positions Agnet as the optimal choice for public safety and critical industry organisations making the shift from narrowband to broadband technologies seamless and reliable.

Through Agnet, these organisations can fully embrace the enhanced capabilities of 4G/5G networks while having the flexibility to enable satellite connectivity for their critical communications. This dual approach provides a comprehensive solution, combining the strengths of terrestrial broadband with the global reach and reliability of satellite communication.

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What is Agnet?

Agnet is an advanced collaboration solution designed for critical communication needs, ensuring instant, reliable, and secure information sharing. It enhances situational awareness, user experience, and safety while optimising operational efficiency. Tailored for public safety and private organisations in sectors like Transportation, Utility, Healthcare, and Event Security, Agnet offers cyber-resilient communication tools.  This solution provides professional smartphone users with immediate access to voice, data, live video, and location services. It's a next-generation solution interoperable with TETRA, Tetrapol, P25, DMR and analogue narrowband systems, fully compliant with 4G/5G broadband, and supports the hybrid networking model. Agnet also works via deployable networks and satellite communications for extended coverage. The incorporation of satellite technology brings substantial value to the Agnet system to make it one of the most versatile secure communications solutions on the market. 

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Download this brochure: "Agnet for public safety". Discover how Agnet is the effective way to move your communications into the future and adopt 4G/5G capabilities.

Satcom services as a solution to ensure critical communication, when extra coverage is needed

The goal of moving to modern broadband solutions, such as Agnet, is to increase the efficiency and safety of operations and in all areas and situations where reliable connectivity and coverage is needed. This extended broadband coverage can be created with a deployable or permanent satcom solution that meets the needs of public safety and other critical organisations.

Agnet over Satcom helps to ensure coverage and capacity for public safety organisations, in remote, rural, and coastal areas where commercial networks may be unavailable. Agnet over Satcom provides extended coverage and capacity vital for disaster relief in scenarios such as wildfires, extreme cold weather, major road accidents, cyber-attacks, or during international summits.

Deployable networks are installed on mobile platforms such as vehicles, vessels, or drones. Satellite connectivity can be established on a temporary basis or permanently in rural areas where commercial 4G/5G networks are not available. Rapid setup of the satcom services, aiming for a few minutes rather than hours, is a critical feature.

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Download Agnet Over Satcom White Paper to know more about backup connectivity in rural areas, for disaster relief or in case of temporary power outages impacting 4G/5G availability.

For more on transforming into modern broadband solutions, and information about broadband transition, download the Agnet over Satcom and Agnet for Public Safety brochures.

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