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Published: 16 Dec 2021
Author: Tiina Saaristo
Reading time: 7 min

Happy Holidays! Here is a summary of the most popular, most attractive contents on the Airbus / Secure Land Communications website. As a bonus, you will learn about the most popular webinar this year.


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Top blog posts

These three blog posts got the most views in 2021.

How to recognize a professional push-to-talk application

Don’t be fooled by smartphone walkie-talkie apps! A professional push-to-talk app can do so much more. This blog post features a checklist that you really should use before buying a professional push-to-talk application.

If you'd rather get straight to the point, you can download the checklist here:

Cover page: A handy push-to-talk app checklist to use before you buy


Do you know the secret about Watts in your radio? (No-one else will tell you)

Many people have the wrong idea about how powerful their TETRA radios need to be, for example. People often think that more Watts in output power will ensure maximum coverage. This blog post will set you right about Watts in TETRA radios.

How to use 7 communication security strategies like the pros

Critical organizations need total security for their professional communications. In addition, it is vital to ensure security in other areas. The blog post reveals seven strategies of communication security that need to be used so that operations do not become compromised.


The runner-up post

Although not quite in top three, this blog post was very popular in 2021, and people spent a long time studying it. Perhaps you will also want to take a look:

Which 3 requirements must mission critical communications meet?

Public safety organizations and many other professionals need to communicate when coordinating operations and tasks. Communication is critical to react and respond effectively. These professionals need mission critical communications, and such communications must meet three requirements.

Read the blog post and learn the three requirements!

The most popular downloads

Downloadable documents continue to interest website visitors. This eBook improved its read figures the most, compared to last year:

50 powerful reasons to adopt hybrid solutions

Hybrid solutions deliver what professionals really need – a chance to improve operations while keeping operational costs low. This eBook tells you what your smart move to broadband should look like.

Download the eBook and learn the 50 powerful reasons you will want to adopt hybrid solutions:

Cover - 50 powerful reasons you will want to adopt hybrid solutions


In 2021, visitors were interested in two solutions above all – Tactilon Agnet and Tactilon Dabat.

Tactilon Agnet for instant communications brochure

Tactilon Agnet is a professional group communication solution that lets smartphone users contact their teams at the touch of a button. The brochure gives you an idea of the new world of benefits that Tactilon Agnet can deliver for the smartphone user.

Download brochure now


Tactilon Dabat’s technical specification

Tactilon Dabat is a hybrid device which combines the intelligence of a smartphone and the strengths of a TETRA radio. The technical specification gives the details of the product. You will find answers to the following questions – and many more:

  • Which 2G/3G/LTE bands and TETRA frequency bands does Tactilon Dabat support?
  • What can be said about its ruggedness?
  • Which safety features does it offer?
Download now

Get on top of trends

How do professionals use mobile apps today? What do professionals think of cloud-based applications? And what are their expectations regarding AI, IoT, data analytics and/or 5G?
Get the answers in the survey report “Where are professional apps heading”:

Help the critical communications ecosystem create better professional apps - take the survey! It will only take six minutes to fill in:

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The bonus: Watch a webinar

Although downloadable documents are trusted and true content, webinars got a lot of interest. In fact, the Experts on Mission Critical webinar series were the most popular content in 2021. The second webinar episode “Where is the mission-critical user experience heading in the next five years?” was the most popular. If you only want to watch this episode, click here:



To watch another webinar episode, or all of them, click here:

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Here were the collected preferences of the visitors on the www.securelandcommunications.com domain in 2021. Which topics would you like to learn more about in 2022? Leave a comment to let me know!

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