7 examples of sustainable structures – number 5 will surprise you

Published: 25 Nov 2021
Author: Piia Nikula
Reading time: 6 min

One of the main aims in sustainability is to use resources wisely. In this short video, there are seven examples of sustainable, eco-friendly structures. And I think number 5 will surprise you.

Critical Communications World (CCW) took place in Madrid on 3-5 Nov 2021, while PMRExpo took place in Berlin on 23-25 Nov 2021. This year, the two events have more in common than usual. This short video shows the Airbus exhibition stand being prepared and built for CCW. Below the video, I will point out five examples of sustainable structures that can be seen on the video.

#1 - Production

The stand was pre-constructed at a Swiss workshop powered by its own solar energy panels. The workshop is also committed to fair employment policies. The builder aims to reuse and recycle material as much as possible. It also tries to reduce carbon emissions in its operations.


#2 - Flooring

At 0:24 on the video, you see people unrolling the 100% recycled carpet. It is Cradle to Cradle certified. This means that the waste is fully reused in new carpets. This reduces bad effects on both people and the environment.

#3 - The stand structure

The video includes a time-lapse section showing how the stand structure is built up. The whole structure is made of PEFC 04-4-0007 certified wood from the EU. It is completely reusable for future exhibitions – it was set up in the same way for the PMRExpo for 23-25 Nov 2021.

The paints were all non-toxic and water based. Even the screws used to fit the pieces together were reused in the PMRExpo structure!

#4 - Logos and signage

0:46 on the video shows you the backlit Airbus logo. It will be fully reused later. And when the logo reaches its end of life for exhibitions, the letters will be sold to the public as decorative elements.

#5 – A sustainable communications solution

The point at 1:01 on the video made me think of sustainable communications.

What if you have a narrowband radio network – can you still use the most modern communication devices and solutions? Tearing down the existing system is not sustainable.

Instead, use smart devices to complement the radios. Special solutions like Tactilon® Agnet give you MCX services: push-to-talk over broadband and much more.

You won’t have to stop using your current communication system to start using MCX broadband solutions. Adopt a hybrid narrowband-broadband setup and use your existing investment. You will get completely new options at a much lower cost.

Tactilon Agnet is sustainable in other ways as well. It can deliver information quickly to people who are ready to perform a task. They don’t have to use time and energy to move to the right spot.

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#6 - Furniture

At 1:09 on the video, you can see the demo spots inside the sustainable structure. Apart from the rented furniture, these were made from wood left over from building the stand. These also travelled to PMRExpo to be reused.


#7 – Transportation

Transport of the stand elements from Madrid to Berlin was also sustainable. Using new generation vehicles and transport solutions is efficient and reduces environmental impact.

And there is more -

In fact, there were even more examples of reuse and recycling at the Airbus stand at the CCW. For example, the lighting used reclaimed, energy-saving LED lights that will be reused. The LED displays were also rented.

The meeting room doors were made of recycled leftover wood.


The walls were of a wood-based material consisting of 30% wood chips and shavings, 30% recycled wood and 40% wood waste. The wall elements will be recycled after use.



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