What virtual reality could mean for you professionally - right now

Published: 11 Sep 2017
Author: Rahim Zaknoun
Reading time: 3 min

A fire brigade commander looks around at the devastating scene before him – a burning lorry is overturned on the highway, threatening to set fire to other vehicles. Injured people stagger from their cars, helped by paramedics and firefighters.

Yet, he has not left his control room. How is it possible?

Wearing virtual reality (VR) goggles, and receiving 360 degree video from a firefighter’s helmet cam, he can step into the accident scene and observe in real time what is happening. With augmented reality (AR), he receives data about the blaze’s temperature, wind direction and the firefighter’s heartbeat. Even though this situation is imagined, it can soon be reality for public safety professionals.

VR and AR will play an increasingly important role in the very near future for rescue services, firefighters, and others. These technologies enable control officers to put themselves into the shoes of a field agent such as a police or fire officer, allowing them to experience the same things. However, more importantly, the control room manager not only sees what the field agent at the scene sees, but actually senses more and knows more about what is happening.

Man experiences virtual reality

With VR and AR technology, a completely different way of working is possible - control room officers can steer situations at the scene more appropriately, whereas officers at the incident can concentrate on other important things, such as rescuing people.

Man wearing VR glasses, experiencing a situation virtually

How to make this possible?

Good news for Airbus customers – they can adopt virtual reality and augmented reality solutions any time they want, thanks to the Tactilon Secure MVNO (SMVNO) solution. Broadband services based on commercial mobile operators’ services can be introduced and yet, the security of both the communications and the subscribers will be in control.

With its high security and support for data hungry applications, Tactilon SMVNO is the ideal platform for advanced services such as VR and AR or sensors that can play an important role in smart cities, for example.

What’s more, Tactilon SMVNO and these new technologies can significantly help increase situation awareness, improve the emergency response, and as a result, save lives.

Now, get ready for virtual reality and augmented reality! Learn the ins and outs of Secure MVNO from the white paper, "Why Secure MVNO is your next smart move".

Download Secure MVNO white paper

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