ASTRID - nationwide public safety network in Belgium

The ASTRID network in Belgium serves the local police forces, federal police, fire services, ambulance services, civil defence, state security police and customs.

Secure, shared network for Belgium

The ASTRID nationwide radio network provides excellent communications that help the emergency responders.

From the very beginning, ASTRID has been shared by many organizations, including today:

  • Federal police
  • Local police forces
  • Fire services
  • Ambulance services
  • Civil defense
  • State security police
  • Customs.

Facts and figures

  • TETRA switches from Airbus,
  • more than 550 TETRA base stations (380-400 MHz)
  • more than 70,000 users in the network
  • Blue Light Mobile broadband data service.

ASTRID has been in operational use since 2001 and it secures 11,250,000 citizens.

After the attacks in Brussels in March 2016, the ASTRID network operator has implemented both operational and technical improvements. This Key Touch article reveals some valuable lessons learned.

ASTRID User Days 2018 was a celebration of ASTRID's 20th anniversary. Watch this video - a snapshot of the event from the point of view of current and future applications:







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