BOS digital radio network in Germany

The BOS Digital Radio Network is a nationwide, shared network for all security authorities and organisations in Germany. The network is the largest TETRA network in the world. In October 2019, around 99,2 % of the German territory had  BOS radio coverage, and there were 879,000 registered subscribers in the network.


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BOS radio network

Germany's nationwide BOS network is the largest TETRA network in the world.

There are more than 950,000 registered subscribers in the BOS network.

Facts and figures

  • The network covers 99,2 % of the German territory
  • It handles around 47,000,000 group calls / month
  • The average network availability is 99.97  %
  • There are 4,790 base stations in operation.

User organizations

A number of different organizations share the use of the BOS public safety radio network. For example:

  • National police organisations (Polizeien des Bundes)
  • Regional police organisations (Polizeien der Länder)
  • Fire departments (Feuerwehren)
  • Rescue departments (Rettungsdiensten)
  • Disaster prevention and civil protection (Katastrophen- und Zivilschutzbehörden)
  • National civil protection office (Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (THW)
  • Customs (Bundeszollverwaltung)

The German public safety relies on BOS communications for everyday operations. In addition, communication over the network plays an important role in securing special events. The G7 Summit in 2015 was just one example of an important event which required first-class security.

Learn about the preparations for the special event - download article "Stress test proves the network before the G7 summit"

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