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The capital of China is covered by a secure TETRA network, operated by JustTop company. This network serves 95,000 authority users in Beijing.

Largest TETRA network in the Asia Pacific area

The Beijing Government Shared Radio Network, also called the "Beijing JustTop TETRA Network", is the largest digital trunked network in Asia and the biggest city-wide TETRA network in the world.

JustTop's network in Beijing has been in operation since 2003. This is in shared use by several authorities and there are around 95,000 subscribers from organizations such as:

  • Municipal government
  • Emergency response office
  • Police
  • Armed Police
  • Traffic police
  • Fire
  • Ambulance services
  • Local utility companies.

 TETRA communications in use in the Beijing fire department

The JustTop network provides extensive coverage:

  • Beijing City area
  • All metro lines in Beijing
  • Several counties
  • The main highways.

In addition, good indoor coverage has been built for the most important buildings in the city.

Key figures

The network has been expanded in five phase projects to accommodate up to 110,000 users. Today, this network comprises

  • 9 DXT-series switches
  • 550 TETRA base stations (800 MHz).

Communications over the JustTop network are critical for the user organizations' everyday operations. In addition, communication over the network plays an important role in securing large events. Among the most notable, the Beijing Games 2008. This event saw several world records broken, including the number of TETRA group calls handled in one day.

In the more than ten years of its operation, the network has provided communications and service for hundreds of other big events, such as

  • Celebrations of 60th National Day in 2009
  • APEC Economic Leaders' meeting in 2014
  • IAAF World Championships of Beijing2015
  • In 2015, the 70th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day of World War II
  • Not to forget the many national political meetings and VIP visits every year.



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