South Tyrol Civil Protection radio communication network

South Tyrol, one of Italy’s most mountainous areas benefits from a secure communications system provided by Airbus.

South Tyrol's secure network helps save lives

Known for its beautiful landscape and excellent food, South Tyrol is an autonomous province of Italy. As well as its scenery, visitors today may also spot public safety professionals using TETRA radio communications on any of the province’s three official languages: German, Italian and Ladin.

South Tyrol public safety communication network is shared by many different user organizations:

  • Fire brigades
  • Forestry department
  • Ambulance and rescue services
  • Emergency call center
  • Civil protection department
  • Water rescue
  • Mountain rescue
  • Rescue dog units.

From 45 networks to just one

The user organisations used to have 45 separate radio communication systems for various needs.

Using just one TETRA network to provide all radio communication services has cut maintenance costs significantly.

The network can handle the challenge

The core TETRA network consists of the DXT switch, more than 100 TB3 base stations, and several RCS 9500 radio dispatcher stations.

The region’s stunning scenery of mountains and valleys is extremely challenging when a network has to provide 90 % coverage. The main road network, for example, includes over 28 tunnels. Taking on this challenge is the TB3 base station, which offers wide coverage and excellent sensitivity. The base stations have also been equipped with GPS antennas for seamless handover.


Regional Public Safety Networks




Building the network has been a task in itself. It has taken place in several phases as many radio sites are not accessible outside the summer months. Many are also only accessible with a helicopter.

Network coverage is an extremely important aspect for rescue organizations that need to get to even the most difficult places in the region.

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Markus Rauch from South Tyrol's autonomous province of Bolzano, describes in more detail how critical communications empower the local public safety volunteers.

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