Lechwerke AG, Germany

Lechwerke is an energy company in southern Germany. Its TETRA system provides voice and data services to the company. Lechwerke also provides communication services to its customers, including an external utility customer.



The world's first for TETRA switching technology "DXTA"

Lechwerke AG is a regional energy supplier in Bavaria and parts of Baden-Württemberg in Germany.

Lechwerke's subsidiary LEW TelNet GmbH is a leading provider of data communication in the region with its private communications network in Bavarian Swabia and in the neighboring areas, as well as a broad portfolio of services.

LEW TelNet provides enterprises with broadband Internet access services as well as other services like IT security, data center, site networking, network, telephony and mobile working. For municipalities, LEW TelNet provides concepts for the sustainable deployment of broadband networks. Lechwerke AGE belongs to the RWE group.

TETRA solution

In 2015, LEW TelNet GmbH awarded Airbus a contract to modernise its digital security TETRA radio network. As a core element of the network, the DXTA exchange was ordered from Airbus following its debut at the PMRExpo trade fair in Cologne. The DXTA was delivered in December 2015.

With the DXTA, the entire LEW TelNet TETRA network was being brought up to the latest technical standards. Meanwhile, the existing TETRA technology was to be upgraded with the latest software release 7.0 with IP technology. Thus, LEW TelNet became the world's first company to take the new TETRA switching generation "DXTA" from Airbus.


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