STEAG Energy Services GmbH, Germany

STEAG is an energy company in Germany’s Ruhr region offering many different electricity and energy services to its customers with the help of a secure TETRA system. STEAG operates its Tetra communication system seNet® in Germany’s Ruhr area and offers secure communication services also to other organisations such as industrial companies, public administrations, fire-fighters, and rescue services. With this digital mobile communications system, companies can optimise their operations, emergency responses, monitoring activities and data applications.




Comprehensive radio communications

In 2006, German utility company STEAG GmbH purchased a TETRA network from Airbus. As well as meeting the company’s needs for greater security and performance in its internal communications, the network has been the first of its kind to make a comprehensive set of digital radio services available to third parties such as the organisers of

  • sports and music events,
  • community services,
  • private surveillance services and transport services, as well as
  • other utility and construction companies.

STEAG’s core business is the construction and operation of a network of thermal power plants. The TETRA network has improved the company’s general operational processes through coordinated site communication. Internal STEAG users include stand-by services, the Works Fire Brigade and the personnel responsible for service, maintenance and radio interference suppression.

in 2019, STEAG decided to modernise its network with Taira TETRA servers and TB3 base stations. Read more in this press release.

Full privacy for other users

The TETRA services have been marketed under the brand name seNet. Customers have the use of standard voice and data communications, as well as individual solutions to suit. These may include the integration of a user organisation’s existing communications technology or fleet administration through its own dispatcher workstations. It may also include the setting up of customer-specific radio cells.

The ability of the Airbus TETRA network to support different user organisations by establishing Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) is crucial to the success of the STEAG initiative, since each end user organisation can be assured of its privacy. VPNs can be extended flexibly to allow for growing numbers of subscribers and increasing demands for network coverage. Airbus TETRA networks also deliver data for the analysis of usage statistics and for the payment of service fees.

TETRA solution

The network operations begun in 2006 with a central switch and 15 base stations covering an area of around 2,000 km2 across the Ruhr region. In addition, Airbus has provided dispatcher workstations, radio devices and services.

IFN (Industrie-, Funk- und Nachrichtentechnik GmbH), Airbus’ project partner in Essen, provides users with a range of complementary services designed to make it easy to access the TETRA network. These include the parameterisation of terminals and vehicle installations.


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