VIRVE - nationwide public safety network in Finland

The VIRVE radio network is used by the Finnish police, fire brigades, ambulances, civil defense, frontier guards, defense forces, customs, prison administration, social and health services and civil aviation. It is based on TETRA technology and has been in operational use since 1998.

VIRVE supports public safety and helps save lives

The VIRVE network covers the whole of Finland and consist of more than 1,200 TETRA base stations. There are more than 37,000 users in the network.

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The future of VIRVE - hybrid model

The plans for the nationwide VIRVE public safety network span until 2030, and its operator is in the process of modernizing the network. They are implementing a 5-step strategy which will take them to mission-critical broadband. 

Learn from their strategy - download the paper which describes the VIRVE network operator's hybrid approach:

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The VIRVE network is helping different organisations in their daily duties. Hospitals and health care professionals have also adopted the use of VIRVE radios. How do they experience this? Watch these video testimonials and you will know how their daily working life has become easier thanks to VIRVE TETRA radios.



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