EMS is an app for keeping your people safe and your business operational.

    This includes managing incidents, and staying compliant.

    First responders in any organization can be alerted in real time based on their skillset to respond efficiently and adequately.

    EMS will help you increase your workplace safety , keep your business compliant, and handle possible incidents more effectively.  




    Public Safety



    Situational Awareness

    All-in-one software platform for workplace safety

    Respond and communicate efficient and adequately, prevent risks, and manage incidents.
    Evaluate in extensive reports. All on one platform.

    • Manage and assess users, locations, events, skills, certificates and protocols;
    • Overview of available users per location and skill;
    • Efficient and accurate alarms in case of incidents;
    • Notify relevant people and organisations;
    • Direct communication during incidents via push-to-talk, video calls, and chat.

    • Compliance report based on skills
    • Protocol based event handling
    • Event based group communication PTT group
    • Chat group per event 
    EMS App Screenshot 3

    EMS App Screenshot 2

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