Mesensei Private Social Networks is a decentralised platform for communities to communicate, network, and organise events in their private, mobile social media. With Mesensei platform, organisations can get a branded mobile app to engage directly with their community - their contacts - in their own space,
    while retaining control over the data and seamless brand experience.

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    Public Safety

    Power And Electricity

    Sports Events And Conferences


    Cities And Municipalities


    Situational Awareness

    Video Sharing And Streaming



    Mesensei - Private Social Networks

    Mesensei platform can be used to set-up task orientated communities / organisations across institutions and technology platforms. For administrators the Mesensei platform offers everything they need for:

    • content & access rights management
    • registrations
    • role / status levels
    • communications
    • reporting
    For the endusers the Mesensei platform bridges the user experience (UX) on Tactilon Dabat, iPhone and Android and browser -based interfaces and visualises the organisational structure and roles of the participants.

    Save time and money with customizable solution

    Building effective mobile applications with great user experience (UX) is expensive and time consuming.
    Mesensei platform offers a range of core features typically needed in the communication and community orientated mobile solutions. These include:

    • user registration
    • profile creation
    • access rights management
    • admin tools
    • real time communication across the different mobile platforms

    Mesensei platform cuts down costs of mobile app development and reduces deployment time.

    It is ideal when cross organisational collaboration requires its own secure digital space, but there is no time or budget for expensive and long term IT-projects.

    Ready for Tactilon Dabat

    Customers can buy their own branded mobile application, which is deployed on Tactilon Dabat, iOS and Android devices at a fixed price and delivery timeline.

    Mesensei offers also consultancy on technology, strategy and community design.

    Why Mesensei?

    1. Organisation members at your fingertips
    Search, browse and explore the members in the organisation.
    Find out who knows about a particular topic, is connected to specific function, or has access to a resource / facility.

    2. Elegant and relevant profiles
    Keep it simple, keep it relevant - cut the noise. Profiles are structured to be accessible in mobile environment and succinctly informative. When a relevant contact is found, communication can be initiated with chat or voice.

    3. Groups, Themes and Task Forces
    No-one likes to miss an important message, but frequent pinging drives everyone mad.
    Mesensei apps support smart structuring of participants to keep everyone connected with the content that is relevant for them, while cutting the unwanted noise and limiting the access to restricted content.

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