Pincident incident management system from DELTA Smart Technologies makes it easy for the general public to report incidents and get notifications about incidents. Public safety and other professionals in turn benefit from better possibilities to assess and manage incidents.

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    Joining forces for better incident management

    Pincident is a Smart Incident Management System (SIMS) that has two solutions in one:

    • Pincident Mobile App. The general public can report incidents and receive notifications about incidents in real-time.
    • Pincident Operation Panel. Public safety and other professionals can respond faster to incidents. In addition, they have better possibilities to assess and manage the incidents when they are better informed of the situation.

    This two-in-one solution lets both the general public and professional users such as first responders collaborate together. This is a cornerstone when building safer and smarter cities.

    Pincident Mobile App

    People can use the easy to use Pincident Mobile App to share information about an incident. Its media capabilities allow them to share photos and video with public safety professionals.

    They can also view incidents reported by other mobile users on the map or under different categories, such as:

    • infrastructure,
    • traffic,
    • security,
    • fire, and
    • natural disaster.   

    Pincident is an effective and efficient tool to create better awareness for people about the local incidents. They can also take preventive actions accordingly.

    Pincident will also notify people about the incidents that are close to their current location. For example:

    • They will know that the road ahead is closed because of an accident - before they get stuck in the traffic.

    They can also configure Pincident to track incidents close to their home, their child's school or their spouse's office. For example:

    • They will know that a fire has been reported in the building next to their child's school - before the teacher calls them.
    • They will know if violent riots have broken out in the district of their spouse's office - before they see it on the news.

    People can also make an emergency call using Pincident. When they do this, the app can notify their family about it and show their exact location. 

    Pincident Operation Panel for professionals

    When people report incidents with the Pincident Mobile App, professionals can handle the incidents using the Pincident Operation Panel. Public safety professionals can collaborate with the general public, thus building safer and smarter cities.

    Pincident Operation Panel lets organizations respond quickly to incidents. The timely, rich information that they receive from the scene of an incident makes it possible for them to dispatch the optimal team with the right equipment.

    Organizations can subscribe to the system with an area and categories of incidents they want to follow.

    After subscribing to the system, organizations can:

    • Display incidents on the map with the icon related to the incident’s category on real-time.
    • Display details of each incident (such as video, image, voice recording)
    • Create new incident report on the map.
    • Send messages to specific mobile users or a group of mobile users that are in the area selected by the Supervisor.
    • Send area messages; instant or valid for a specific duration of time, i.e. danger zone, safety zone, etc.
    • Get back to a specific date and time in the history and display incidents on the map with desired speed (2X, 4X, etc.). This way one can see how an incident has propagated over time.
    • Get statistical info over graphs showing how many incidents has been reported under different categories over time.

    Use cases

    • When a mobile user reports an incident using the Pincident mobile application, all mobile users in the vicinity of this incident get a notification and can act accordingly. For example, when a citizen gets notified for a public disorder by a report generated by another citizen, she/he may move away from the event and stay safe. If a mobile user had entered the location of her/his child’s school to the Pincident mobile application as one of her/his important places, she/he also gets notification if an incident is reported in that area.
    • Organizations (blue light emergency services, municipalities, infrastructure companies, etc.) can follow incidents reported by the citizens within the area and under the categories that they have subscribed. They can get real-time, location based and multimedia rich incident reports from the field. For example, when a citizen reports a fire using Pincident mobile application, the operator of the fire brigade immadiately sees the incident on the Pincident operation panel. And she/he can send direct message to the mobile user via Pincident i.e. to take another photo of the building from the other side and make a smarter decision to select the right team and/or equipment.


    • The general public: Building safer and smarter cities is as easy as sharing incidents that we witness. With the help of Pincident Mobile App, people can be better aware of what’s going on around them.
    • Public Bodies: Municipalities, fire brigades, police, emergency services can react very fast to incidents. With real-time and rich information from the field, they can handle the incident with the right team and the right equipment.
    • Campuses: Universities, industry/technology zones can track incidents in their area of responsibility.
    • Infrastructure Companies: Electricity, water, communication, natural gas companies can learn about incidents that would affect their services.
    • Media: Media companies can use Pincident as a news source.
    • Large Companies: They can use Pincident to manage incidents and near miss events. Pincident helps organizations to protect citizens, employees, assets, business continuity, and reputation. 


    None. Pincident has an API to be integrated with any existing system.

    Device compatibility

    Pincident mobile application runs on any smartphone with iOS or Android operating system, such as Tactilon Dabat.

    Pincident Operation Panel is a Software as a Service (SaaS) web application running on the cloud. Therefore, a standard PC, notebook or tablet with a browser and Internet connection is enough to start using the system.

    Pincident Mobile App for incident sharing ??

    Pincident Mobile App
    Pincident Mobile App for incident management

    Pincident Operation Panel for incident management

    Pincident Operation Panel

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