Bring alerting and status reporting to smartphones with the SASCA Smartphone Alert, Status and Control Application.

    SASCA can receive alerts from an emergency response centre (ERC) or other command and control centre. The Pro version of SASCA provides status monitoring, additional alerting, remote control, navigation, and other bonus features.  




    Public Safety



    Call people to a mission

    The user – a public safety professional or a volunteer firefighter, for example - receives an alert from the emergency response centre or from another command and control centre. The user checks the information and acknowledges the alert, letting the other end know if he/she is available for the task.

    If the app user is a group leader, he/she can also monitor the other users’ status. If necessary, he/she can also activate additional alerts to backup personnel.

    The SASCA app can send the user’s current location to the ERC or control centre, and it can automatically forward destination coordinates to an external navigation software installed in the user’s device.

    Alert people for duty

    An industrial contractor can receive an alert about a gas leak, for example, together with instructions on how to deal with the leak.

    The SASCA app can update the user’s current location to the control centre as long as the alarming situation is over.

    For the Finnish market, SASCA provides supports and provides interfaces to the key alert and monitoring systems in use. Therefore, it is easy to adopt and bring into use.

    What you need

    • SASCA app user licence
    • Maintenance agreement as an option

    The app works in the Finnish public safety environment. Adoption elsewhere will require some tailoring or integration to your existing systems.

    Elektro-Arola can also supply software for the command and control centre as needed for the complete solution. 


    SASCA - For efficient people alerting

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