Secapp is a secure communication and management platform for smart messaging, alerting and paging. 




    Public Safety

    Power And Electricity





    Reaching the right people quickly

    Critical and unexpected events put people, reputation and businesses at risk. Furthermore, people are more than ever swamped with distractions caused by communication tools ranging from emails to quick messaging platforms. People don't follow or at least react to these distractions but put their devices on mute. Meanwhile the world is facing situation where security threats are more immanent. In other words how do you reach people in a matter of seconds and get response from them when you know that they want to be offline?

    Secapp is a disruptive communication and reporting software that connects the industry, public and authority professionals. Secapp combines location information, TETRA (SDS, Call out) and commercial (app, SMS, email, robot calls, windows desktop) communication. This two-way secure platform enables easy-to-use manual and automated messaging, alerting and paging to reach people with correct skills, location and availability. Checklists and reporting enable more in-depth tools to react and recover and get rid of paper or excel based forms and sheets.

    Main features

    • location information
    • TETRA (SDS, Call out) 
    • commercial (app, SMS, email, robot calls, windows desktop) communication
    • option to fully automatize communication
    • priority based alerting which can bypass mute settings
    • custom checklists
    • skills and contact information management

    Secapp in use

    To the date Secapp is in used secure operations in over 200 different organizations covering over 25 000 users. The amount of users currently increases on average by 2000-3000 every month. There are over 120 000 alerts sent with Secapp every month.

    Organizations that rely on Secapp are from following industries and authorities:

    • Healthcare and hospitals
    • Fire & Rescue
    • Security and property
    • Voluntary organizations
    • Oil, mining, chemistry and food industry
    • Critical infrastructure owners
    • Cities and municipalities
    • Schools
    • Contractors
    • Media
    • High technology and device vendors
    • IT Software and service providers

    Device compatibility

    No new equipment needed. Secapp works with existing devices (cross-technology communications). Secapp can be offered as secure SAAS service i.e. the only thing that the customer needs to acquire by default is the licences.

    Integration to LDAP or similar allow automated contact, group and skill information exchange with existing systems but not a requirement as Secapp provide (mass) management user tools as well. Integration to systems that provide input to Secapp (e.g. fire detection, fault detection, emergency systems) can automatize alerting completely. This means that Secapp takes the input and acts according to the rules created into it by alerting people related to the incident. If the end customer requires dedicated / self-hosted server environment it needs to be configured and deployed (roughly 1 man month work). Preference is to go with secure SAAS service.


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