Secunet Bocoa

    Secunet Bocoa is a modular, flexible app for biometric identity checking. 




    Public Safety

    Power And Electricity





    Biometric checking

    Use the Secunet Bocoa app to identify people and check ID documents in the field.

    Main features

    • Extremely secure electronic verification of the ID document’s RFID chip
    • Queries to central police databases
    • Biometric verification of subjects

    Unique characteristics

    • Based on the proven Secunet Biomiddle product which has been used for verifying biometric ID documents for more than a decade at border control.

    The Secunet Bocoa app can reduce the workload for individual checks. As a result, officers can spend more of their time on critical issues. In addition, more checks can be done overall.

    The app also helps the officer to make the right decisions. This means that more of  the forged, falsified or stolen ID documents and fraudulent identities can be detected.

    Device compatibility

    Tactilon Dabat. Smartphones with Android 6 or greater, which have a NFC module.

    Mobile identity check

    Passport check

    Fingerprint check

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