The SenTAct app from gives you all the tools you need to keep your people safe and your operations efficient. The embedded Artificial Intelligence engine locates your staff and assets, alerts on hazardous events, and generates mission intelligence. The app and AI engine are fully compatible with Tactilon Dabat from Airbus.




    Public Safety

    Power And Electricity



    Cities And Municipalities


    Situational Awareness

    Location Indoor Or Outdoor


    Locate staff and assets, and more

    The SenTAct app has been validated by professional users, such as first responders, security forces and industry workers. The app is used for different purposes.

    The technology of the SenTAct app will help you to:

    • seamlessly locate staff and assets, such as fire hydrants, exit locations, AED devices and equipment – both outdoors and indoors.
    • sense if the carrier of your device falls, stops moving abruptly, moves too fast, crosses 4D geo-fences, or reaches maximum exposure times to certain operational environments.
    • generate alerts which in turn can trigger the activation of the device audio or guide alternate remote sensing capabilities.
    • provide mission intelligence, such as maps, imagery, customer site plans, mission graphics and points of interest.
    • facilitate staff interactions by geo-tagged messaging via text, voice or images that contain annotations to increase local awareness. 


    • Visibility. Through SenTAct, field teams are connected within the broader organisation and vice versa.
    • Safety. All the features are geared to make sure the teams get home safely and augment their capabilities to serve the public’s safety and security.
    • Efficiency. Expertise and knowledge can be easily shared from the HQ in order to increase mission efficiency.
    • Synergy. SenTAct can ideally combine state-of-the-art technology with people’s unique capacity for making judgement calls. As a result, operations can adapt to unforeseen circumstances.
    • Fusion. 3rd party sensor feeds and data can be plugged-in for a growing mission set.
    • Artificial Intelligence. The embedded AI capabilities discover hidden patterns, provide early warnings and analyze time-series data from your operations.

    The SenTAct roadmap is fully customer driven.

    Use case examples

    • A police officer on foot witnesses a traffic incident. The app notices that the officer starts running towards the incident. It alerts the dispatch center, and at the same time the officer reports this over the radio. The officer is first to arrive on the scene. She takes a picture of the location, and adds some annotations while she radios in a request for support. The photo provides valuable intel to the teams that were called in to support. The officer can quickly find an AED device nearby the scene, using the Mixed Reality (MR) view on her device.
      A maintenance worker has to repair a piece of equipment at a remote location. He uses a map and site blueprint on his phone to navigate the facility and to find the exact location of the equipment. It is raining and the worker slips and has a bad fall. The app senses that he is now horizontal and not moving. It alerts the control center who send in paramedics. The rescue team quickly and easily locate the worker thanks to the MR view on their device.
      A firefighter enters a building. Taking into account the location of the firefighter, his movements, the known hazardous materials in the building, and data from the breathing apparatus, the app can watch out for signs of fatigue or exposure to HazMat. The incident commander is thus well equipped to monitor the working condition of the team.

    Needed equipment and services

    The solution consists of three main components:

    • the app in the device,
    • the real-time back-end service, and
    • the browser-based administrator tools.

    The core of the solution as such works out of the box. For integration into existing 3rd party applications (dispatching, command, tracking,…), the back-end service offers an API.

    The API publishes the alerts, events, and so on. It allows to create and manage assets. Additionally, customers can opt for the light command application which is fully browser-based.   

    As needed further integration would be related to plugging in customer-based authentication management, defining rules, specific data bases, 3rd party sensors or systems, ... This integration work is project driven. 

    Device compatibility

    Tactilon Dabat, any Android or iOS smartphone or tablets, smart glasses.

    SenTAct app from

    SenTAct app from

    SenTAct app from

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