Smartphone Body Camera

    Conventional video and audio recordings of incidents provide useful evidence, but usually only after the event. The Visual Labs app has been developed to overcome this issue.





    Public Safety


    Body Cam

    Stream live video and more

    The Visual Labs' app lets you securely stream live video and audio - to and from your handset.

    This all-in-one app also allows taking photographs and sharing location of your team members.

    Even more, the app provides heatmaps and other advanced analytic features - thus enhancing operational efficiency.

    Use cases

    Video both in public safety and business is becoming increasingly essential.

    • Thanks to video, officers can share dangerous situations as they happen. The app helps team members and the control room provide better support.
    • Utility/industrial workers could also use this application to assist in remote maintenance, allowing for supervisory personnel to manage a project remotely.

    You can contact Visual Labs for more detailed case studies. 

    Device compatibility

    The app will run on Tactilon Dabat and Android devices. 

    Visual Labs body camera solution

    Live video streaming from officer's handset

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