Soliton Systems

    This app can provide secure streaming of live video from a first responder's on-board camera to the command centre.





    Public Safety


    Video Sharing And Streaming

    Main features

    • Provides secure live streaming to a command center over a 3G/4G mobile or WiFi network
    • On the receiving end, can be decoded on premise and can use third party tools to distribute to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices
    • Can be used with a GPS+ product to display on a map.

    Unique characteristics

    • Live streaming of video and audio
    • Low latency, extremely reliable
    • Integration to a bigger ecosystem such as maps, VMS, or re-distribution)

    Device compatibility

    Tactilon Dabat. Android and iOS devices.


    How ML-Cam/GPS+ works

    ML-Cam GPS+ on a smartphone

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