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    Exomi's app helps managetriage and delivers the information to hospitals proactively and rapidly, based on standard codes.





    Public Safety



    Saving crucial seconds

    Important information must be communicated clearly during a life or death incident. Voice isn't always the optimal choice.

    Exomi's triage app offers a new and more reliable way to run triage — one based on data.

    Not only is patient safety improved, but medical teams can work more efficiently in crisis situations. Advance patient information helps resource allocation and planning for transport and hospitals.

    Automatic collection of log information:

    • Who registered and at what time
    • Virtual victim identity created at accident site
    • Any changes in victim status.

    Post processing of the collected data creates valuable statistics for process improvement.

    No communication on voice channel - helps to avoid the “broken phone” effect.

    Triage app can give you

    • Up-to-date, real time view of triage situations which every authorized party can see
    • No need to type text messages or relay or write down spoken information. The shared view is so much easier, faster and less error prone.
    • There is also a full log of events available for later analysis.
    • The app uses the existing assets very effectively:
      • TETRA network and radios
      • monitors at command center and hospital
      • smartphones and tablets for status viewing.

    Device compatibilities

    • Works with TETRA radios and smart devices 
    • Web-browser based interfaces for hospitals, dispatchers and command centers.

    The Triage app from Exomi.

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