Visual Accident Perimeter

    The Visual Accident Perimeter (VAP) app from BIG allows quick assessment of an incident - thus enabling police, fire and rescue professionals to make instant decisions and save more lives.




    Public Safety


    Situational Awareness

    When every second counts

    Police, fire and rescue professionals often encounter life or death scenarios and have to make instant decisions – taking an extra second could be the difference between life and death.

    The VAP application allows real-time visualisation of the incident scene by using video and augmented reality technology. With the help of this app, professional users can quickly assess the situation, thus enabling them to make instant decisions and save more lives.

    The VAP app features two dispersion models:

    • the ERG model (cfr. Emergency Response Guidebook), or
    • the Gaussian Plume model.

    The app renders a visualization of the danger zones on a 2D geographical map based upon Limit Values according to the chosen model.

    In the Gaussian Plume Model the following limit values are pre-filled in:

    • Dutch intervention values,
    • odour limit and Lower Explosion Limit (LEL), or
    • 10% hereof.

    You can even overwrite the given limit values manually by replacing them with any values you have at your disposal. On the map you can choose to visualize the different layers or not.  

    Main features

    • Because the tool is linked to an internal database containing already data on about 5000 substances it is easy to use and since most values are already filled it takes only a few moments to get a result.
    • Possibility to save predefined scenarios for later use, exercise or emergency plans.
    • Multilingual (English, French, German and Dutch)

    Device compatibility

    Tactilon Dabat, Smartphones with Windows 10, Android 5.1, iOS 10 or greater.




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