3 reasons June 2022 is the best time for Critical Communications World

Published: 7 Jun 2022
Reading time: 5 min

The previous Critical Communications World took place in November 2021 in Madrid. Now it’s June and the CCW comes again – now in Vienna. With only a few months in between, is it too soon?

No! On the contrary, this is great timing, and I have three great reasons for you.

When I was asked in Madrid whether the next CCW seemed to come up too soon, my answer was yes. It felt crazy, in fact! But I have changed my mind completely because:

1. The world has changed.
2. The future is closer than we think.
3. Technologies evolve faster.

The world has changed

Think back to the time of the previous CCW in November 2021. You have to agree that the world has seen some big changes since then. Critical communications are more critical than ever. According to the event organizers Mark Allen Exhibitions, this year’s CCW is likely to see the largest number of visitors since the 2018 event in Berlin.


CCW 2018 in Berlin saw a huge number of visitors.

Last year, we were able to enjoy the CCW face to face, but we wore masks and there were other restrictions, too. Many people did not want to join because there was still the pandemic. Some CCW sessions were cancelled because participation was not so high.
In just two weeks, people can meet in Vienna without restrictions. This is super!


CCW 2021 in Madrid saw everyone wearing masks.

The future is closer than we think

Although it is impossible to predict the future accurately, I have to say that in the last few years, the reality has been vastly different from any of the predictions.

It is important to be able to discuss with people from around the world, to build a more dimensional picture of the future. Our foresight goes stale if we only interact with people who are like us.

We know our history, we have our legacy and experience. Now we will have the opportunity to meet and have conversations with different people. We can come up with possible scenarios and be better prepared for the future – which we still cannot predict with any accuracy.

There’s no better time for discussions about the future than now. The CCW event in Vienna will be your best place for learning and sharing.

Technologies evolve faster

It seems to me that the speed of light is the only thing faster than the technological development today. At least I can see and discover new innovations and technological breakthroughs almost every time I take up my smartphone.

The CCW is sure to be the place for many new announcements, and what would be a better place to see the latest and greatest solutions than the expo area? (At least I can’t think of a better place.)

How far have technologies evolved since 2021? You will get the answer in the CCW and you will be surprised.

Just one example. The latest images from satellites will capture the details of objects as small as 30 cm accurately. Wow! Could you take advantage of such images if you combined them with your critical communications?

This is the best time for CCW 2022!

Did you think that CCW 2022 would be too close to CCW 2021? I hope you have now changed your mind!

This will be the sixth CCW as Event Manager. Every time, the Airbus organizing team have worked hard to come up with ideas that would make our stand exceptional. One year, we had the biggest LED screens, another year saw an exciting Applications Village, and last year, the whole stand structure was exceptional (and super sustainable).


Airbus stand in CCW 2021 was super sustainable.

You can really look forward to experiencing the Airbus stand – we started planning the stand already in Madrid. For example, if you visit Airbus Café, you can have a pleasant discussion or an informal meeting while enjoying the Vienna weather outside the expo hall.

I am looking forward to seeing you at the event – and at Airbus stand A120 in particular! You will get a sneak peek at what will be on show on the CCW2022 page:

Learn more on CCW 2022 page



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