7 quick tips: this year's best pieces of content

Published: 21 Dec 2020
Author: Tiina Saaristo
Reading time: 8 min

Happy Holidays! Take a look at the most popular, most attractive contents on the Airbus / Secure Land Communications website. As a bonus, I will also recommend one topical blog post and one interesting document which both deserve a wider audience!


The webinars!

Tip 1 - In 2020, Experts on critical push-to-talk webinars were by far the most attractive of all our content. The five webinar episodes gave tips on how to unlock critical communications and adopt broadband for professional communications.

Each of the five episodes took a different viewpoint into next-generation critical communications. Most visitors registered to attend (or later watch) all five webinar episodes.

The webinar recordings are available and you can view any of the recordings – just click here:

Watch the episode recordings


Of the single episodes, the most popular was “Avoid the top 9 PTT app mistakes that could threaten your conversation security”. If you only want to watch this one, click here:

Watch the episode now

The most helpful documents

The star downloadable document in 2020 had been “50 ways TETRA will deliver the long-term support you need”. Although the document had been so popular, we took a hard, long look at it and saw that it was no longer very helpful. Instead, we put together a modern, improved eBook “50 powerful reasons you will want to adopt hybrid solutions”.

When moving to professional communications over broadband, hybrid solutions are the lowest-risk choice. Hybrid solutions deliver what professionals really need – a chance to improve operations while keeping operational costs low. New technology can be used as a force for good.

Tip 2 - Get the first 50 powerful reasons for adopting hybrid solutions as your smart move to broadband:

Cover - 50 powerful reasons you will want to adopt hybrid solutions

Top blog posts

Tip 3 - Do you know the secret about Watts in your radio? (No-one else will tell you)

Many people have the wrong idea about how powerful their TETRA radios need to be, for example. People often think that more Watts in output power will ensure maximum coverage. This blog post will set you right about Watts in TETRA radios.

Tip 4 - How to recognize a professional push-to-talk application

Don’t be fooled by smartphone walkie-talkie apps! A professional push-to-talk app can do so much more. This blog post features a checklist that you really should use before buying a professional push-to-talk application. If you'd rather get straight to the point, you can download the checklist here:

Download checklist

The most intriguing landing pages

When a web visitor arrives on one of the following three landing pages, she/he either has already decided to commit or is intrigued enough to take the next step:

Tip 5 - Be a hybrid insider

When you subscribe to the Hybrid Insider, you will get more info on the exciting possibilities in the new, hybrid world - delivered directly into your email Inbox. You will get updates on hybrid devices and hybrid apps, and you will learn more about new ways of working in hybrid environments.

You'll get an informative email once a month. Don't miss out on this information - opt to stay updated:

Yes, I want to be a hybrid insider

Tip 6 - Subscribe to the Tactilon Agnet 500 newsletter

Subscribing to the Tactilon Agnet 500 newsletter will keep you posted on news and updates related to this solution. You will also get ideas for your team on how you could use advanced push-to-talk services in the most efficient way.

Want to be among the first to receive information about new features, functionality and use cases for Tactilon Agnet 500?

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Tip 7 - Mobile Apps Survey report 2020

Users are increasingly ready for secure, professional and even cloud-based apps to be part of their operations. This is one of the notable trends revealed by Airbus’ 2020 survey into the professional apps market. What else did the survey find?

How do professionals use mobile apps today? What do professionals think of cloud-based applications? And what are their expectations regarding AI, IoT, data analytics and/or 5G?

Get the answers:

Download report

Your bonus tips

As your first bonus, here is my recommendation: read the following blog post and you will be more ready to think about Radio Frequency Identification RFID, Near Field Communication NFC, and the Internet of Things IoT – and maybe also more ready to plan how you will apply the learnings in your daily work.

Bonus tip 1 - 15 things your boss expects you to know about RFID, NFC, and IoT.

Let’s say your organization has decided to adopt broadband and apps for professional use. How are RFID, NFC and IoT related to that? Do you need to consider these technologies? If yes, then how? This blog post gives you an overview.


The other bonus is related to cyber security. Cyber threats may feel scary to think about, but I promise that the following white paper gives you solutions. Take a look!

Bonus tip 2 - Protect mission-critical networks from cyber threats.

How to secure a critical network? Find out how your mission-critical broadband network can have first-class cyber security protection thanks to Taira Virtual Core. After all, broadband networks, whether private or run by commercial mobile operators, must be defended against intrusion. Click on the document cover to download:

Cover: Protect mission-critical broadband networks from cyber threats

I’m in such a holiday mood that I’ll give you one more excellent piece of content.

Extra bonus tip - Why not check the ultimate guide to hybrid solutions while you’re at it? It’s a new page that summarizes the helpful information on broadband transformation. Take a look and you will be one easy step closer to mission critical communications over broadband.



These were the collected preferences of the visitors of the hundreds of thousands of sessions on the www.securelandcommunications.com domain in 2020. Make sure you won’t miss any of the new helpful blogs, white papers, guides, and eBooks we will publish in 2021! If you aren’t a blog subscriber yet –

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