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How to extend broadband coverage for critical communications users? »

Public safety organisations and users are worried that moving critical communication systems from narrowband such as TETRA and Tetrapol to broadband may not offer enough coverage and capacity. Agnet over Satcom brings a solution to the concerns.

19 Feb 2024 by Tarja Kantola  |  5 min read
Critical communications, TETRA and 5G, Satcom

6 proven benefits of mission-critical communications over broadband »

When dealing with the rising number of cross-border incidents, public safety agencies depend on close cooperation and reliable communication with other countries’ agencies. It’s a major challenge, so an EU-funded research initiative, the BroadWay project, was created to prove modern critical communications capabilities for European first responders. Here are six proven benefits first responders...

26 May 2023 by Yves Van Tente  |  6 min read
Critical communications, TETRA and 5G

Why transition towards 5G might be a good idea – right now? »

Safe cities continue to be a hot topic. Cities are facing a number of new security challenges. These include organized crime, climate change and geopolitical threats. They must also deal with restricted budgets. To meet these challenges, critical organizations need new and more efficient ways of working. Overall, they must be able to do more with less. But how can they do this?

15 Mar 2023 by Tapio Savunen  |  6 min read
Critical communications, TETRA and 5G, Push-to-talk service

Why 4G/5G migration projects fail – and how to make sure yours doesn't »

Moving from TETRA or Tetrapol to 4G/5G mission-critical broadband is a huge undertaking and can take years to complete. Organizations want new and better ways of working for their users, but they also want to continue using investment they have already made. During the migration period, operations must also continue without interruptions. But why do migration projects fail – and how can you make...

31 Jan 2023 by Etienne Legendre  |  8 min read
Critical communications, TETRA and 5G, Tetrapol, Push-to-talk service

49 inspiring quotes for ensuring a successful broadband future »

Many organizations want to adopt broadband and smartphones for their professional communications. They see it as a good way to improve operational efficiency, safety and security. But what should every organization think about when planning their broadband future? To help you, we’ve collected these quotes about broadband transformation from some of the critical communications industry's leading...

15 Dec 2022 by Minna Kuronen  |  17 min read
Critical communications, TETRA and 5G

Mission-critical smartphones – Nearly everything you need to know »

A mission-critical smartphone must meet certain key requirements. These requirements cannot be met by a regular smartphone. But what are these key requirements? How do you choose a mission-critical smartphone? How do you manage smartphone risks for professional users? And how do you communicate when your mission-critical smartphone is out of coverage? This blog post answers these questions as...

29 Nov 2022 by Jaakko Tolppanen  |  22 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, TETRA and 5G, Professional apps, Push-to-talk service, Hybrid devices

3 real-life examples of seamless evolution to secure broadband »

Across the world, public safety agencies are taking advantage of new data services, such as video, data analytics and online field reporting. Compared with conventional voice, these services demand more communications capacity, best provided by 4G/5G broadband networks. Agencies can make the move to mission-critical broadband in different ways. Which is the best for you? For some ideas, we look...

23 Sep 2022 by Tapio Savunen  |  12 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, TETRA and 5G, Professional apps

TETRA radio user: 5 reasons you should be interested in MCPTT »

TETRA radios are great and mission-critical communications over TETRA provide excellent service. Your operations may depend on certain ways to use radio communications. So, why should you be interested in MCPTT – mission-critical push-to-talk over broadband?

5 Jul 2022 by Timo Toikkanen  |  13 min read
Public safety apps, Critical communications, TETRA radios, TETRA and 5G, Professional apps

How to use TETRA and smartphones in a hybrid way »

Do you use TETRA communications and plan to bring smart devices or apps into professional use? If you do, take a look at this blog post. It answers the question “How does TETRA fit with smartphones?”

25 May 2022 by Jukka Saari  |  15 min read
Critical communications, TETRA radios, TETRA and 5G