What is the surprising benefit from Industry 4.0 for enterprises?

Published: 5 Feb 2021
Author: Timo Harju
Reading time: 8 min

Did you know that there is a way for enterprises and industrial sites to get a surprising benefit from Industry 4.0 transformation? Put your data backbone to work and you could fix things faster, get more flexibility with remote access, and avoid compromising security. What is it that can deliver all this to industrial sites and enterprises?

Are you thinking about the transformation towards Industry 4.0? Your smart, data-driven systems of the future will have 4G/5G as their backbone.

Did you know that you can use the same 5G network for your critical communications? Your work teams can then use strong push-to-talk services such as broadband push-to-talk, multimedia messaging and push-to-video. This can also be called push-to-x.

A strong push-to-x communication solution can do everything that your traditional radio system does and so much more besides. You can, for example:

This blog post describes three common situations where strong push-to-x services improve operations and make life easier on the factory floor and elsewhere.

There are six more situations where strong push-to-x services can make a difference. Download the paper “How to do strong push-to-x the right way”.


Let’s start with one of the most irritating situations – when something breaks and has to be fixed.

1. “Please read me the label”

Fix things faster: Strong push-to-x services can help cut or eliminate the downtime caused by failed equipment.


Let’s say a conveyor belt motor breaks down or a pneumatic cylinder blows a gasket. The resulting downtime looks set to be expensive. Operators aren’t usually equipped to deal with incidents like these, so they need to call in maintenance staff and source the right spares and tools – often from a separate warehouse.

Should the operator run around the site trying to locate a maintenance technician? Should they call their mobile? Both methods work but they take time. Push-to-x services offer a third way.

You click on a push-to-talk button and connect straight to the maintenance team. You can explain what’s happening and check every team member’s location and availability. You can then assign the nearest available technician to fix the fault.

Download the “How to do strong push-to-talk services the right way” and you will find an even better idea for this situation!

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The second situation is related to the privacy of everyday messaging.

2. “Send a message”

Don’t compromise on security: Popular instant messaging apps in smartphones offer a handy way to send a photo, map or file when your professional radio can’t do it, but are you compromising your security?

All professionals should be careful about the tools they use to share information. And whenever you are dealing with personal or financial data, you need to think twice. Think three times or more if you’re dealing with goods such as alcohol, tobacco, precious metals, prescription drugs, ammunition, explosives or weapons.

Your professional push-to-x app has to be secure and easy to use. It must encrypt all your messages, and the server that handles the traffic must be securely located. Depending on your needs, you may even want a server that can be isolated from the Internet.


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What about this: could your push-to-talk communications work anywhere? Meaning, also outside your site or even outside your country?

3. “Unlimited coverage!”

Maximize flexibility with remote access: Imagine if team members could be part of the same talk group wherever they are, unconstrained by geographical limitations. Supervisors would have no geographical ties either, so they can work remotely.


More and more of these Industry 4.0 concepts are coming true, and a strong push-to-talk app will deliver group communications that work around the world.

And the best solution will allow you to access your current radio network as well – from the other side of the world if needed, thanks to gateways to traditional radio systems.

Your next smart move

When an industrial site or an enterprise wants to improve productivity and go digital, there is one smart way to go.

Don’t stop at a simple app. Adopt strong push-to-talk services with Tactilon Agnet 500 from Airbus. It delivers all of the following – and more:

  • Professional push-to-talk that connects your work teams. Everyone will know what’s happening, and every team member’s location and availability will be known.
  • Secure information-sharing with your team. All messages will be encrypted and - if necessary - the server can be housed on your premises. Tactilon Agnet 500 lets you see all your conversations, whichever devices you sign into.
  • Group communications that work around the world. The team can access the same system from anywhere using an IP connection.
  • A smooth move from your old analogue or narrowband radio communications to broadband. Choose to run your existing system in tandem with Tactilon Agnet 500 and enjoy the best of both worlds.

This blog post gave just three examples of common situations where strong push-to-x services can make the daily work in industrial sites and enterprises easier and more efficient.

There are six more reasons for enterprises and industrial companies to adopt strong push-to-x. Find out what they are by downloading: “How to do strong push-to-talk services the right way”. Just click on the cover image:

Cover - How to do strong push-to-talk services the right way

When you are planning your move into broadband communications, don’t stop at a simple app. Instead, adopt strong push-to-talk services with Tactilon Agnet 500 from Airbus.

Your teams will get voice, and also text, video, and location information at the push of a button. And Tactilon Agnet 500 can be connected to your IT systems and sensors, to support your transformation to Industry 4.0.

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