Guangzhou's hybrid network

Guangzhou authorities in China are reaping the benefits from their hybrid network - the first hybrid public safety network in the APAC area and the first to have connected TETRA with 5G.

Guangzhou's network includes the world’s largest shared TETRA network, complemented by mobile broadband services delivered over three commercial operator LTE networks.

Guangzhou police uses a smartphone

Data-centric operations

Guangzhou Government network was initially built to support the security of the 2010 Asia Games.

More than 50,000 users from more than 70 public safety organizations and enterprises use the network, including

  • public security
  • transportation
  • urban management
  • ambulance
  • fire-fighting
  • utilities.

Facts and figures

  • Guangzhou City spans the area of 7434 km2
  • Network helps secure 14,000,000 inhabitants
  • Handles around 1,000,000 calls per day on an average
  • Extremely fast roll-out: The initial 200-base-station TETRA network was rolled out in 3 months
  • Today, the TETRA network comprises 500 base stations (800 MHz)
  • Mobile vehicle satellite base stations in use.

Guangshou police uses a smartphone

Broadband innovations

The Guangzhou network implements many innovations that underpin critical broadband communications:

  • Advanced big data and smart city capabilities: The cloud-based control center can access and share a vast range of CCTV and other data from across the city, allowing urban managers to react quickly to traffic and other incidents. Data analysis by artificial intelligence also provides urban planning insights.
  • 3D connectivity: Ensures emergency response in three dimensions - on the ground, above ground and underground. Conventional indoor and outdoor coverage is provided by the hybrid network, augmented by TETRA ground-to-air base stations to provide connectivity for helicopter public safety teams, as well as about 300 TETRA base stations underground to cover all 20 lines in the city’s metro transport system.
  • Cloud-based dispatching: All TETRA dispatcher workstations are built in the cloud, creating a common control center with police forces sharing the same data for efficient collaboration. 

Guangzhou built its hybrid network in 2017 and it was the first of its kind in the APAC region.

The goal of the hybrid network was to complement TETRA with 4G broadband services. As a result, the network provides more coverage than before, and it allows TETRA users and smartphone users to communicate together seamlessly.

Seamless communications is achieved with the Tactilon Agnet solution that enables LTE smartphone users to communicate with TETRA talk groups.

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