Zhengzhou Metro

Zhengzhou Metro is the metro system for the city of Zhengzhou, the capital of the Henan province in China. It has an important role in ensuring smooth passage for their 290 million passengers per year. Thanks to professional communications, they are up for the task.

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Designed for growing needs

Zhengzhou Metro started its operations in 2013, and it has seen several expansions since then.

  • A total of 7 lines are operational (Feb 2022)
  • The total length of tracks is 206.5 km
  • There are 136 metro stations.

The latest plan for the metro network consists of 21 lines. This will make Zhengzhou Metro ready to serve the growing needs of the city's 12 million inhabitants. The metro network expansion supports the growth and development of Zhengzhou city.

Communications are critical

People working for Zhengzhou Metro and trams rely on a TETRA network for their professional communications. Communications are needed every day, and the network has been designed to serve in an emergency.

The instant, reliable two-way communications let staff from diverse areas of the operations communicate as needed. This helps keep the metro network running smoothly, which is a direct benefit for the passengers.

The users of the network include

  • control center operators,
  • dispatchers,
  • station duty officers,
  • metro drivers,
  • maintenance personnel and more.

The TETRA system from Airbus not only meets the current operational needs of Zhengzhou Metro, but also takes into account the long-term development plan.

Ready to adopt broadband capabilities

The 800-MHz TETRA communication network provides stable, reliable and seamless communications for all metro staff in their daily duties.

The Zhengzhou Metro network and its technical operator the state owned Zhengzhou Metro Group have taken an early step towards broadband communications and adopted Taira TETRA Servers. They are a key building block for evolving the network to hybrid and broadband LTE. This evolution towards a future that they can trust also protects the investments they have already made into their network.

Facts and figures

The TETRA communications network (which covers the operational metro lines) includes:

  • 3 Taira TETRA servers
  • 3 TETRA switches
  • Around 160 TB3-series base stations
  • Around 3,000 TETRA radios.

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